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(The greatest conservative television shows)
(The greatest conservative television shows)
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|Starring Jack Webb as Sgt. Joe Friday and his partner(s) solving actual cases from the files of the Los Angeles Police Department. Great use of law enforcement jargon by the officers while educating the public on the Rule of Law. Showed fine examples of moral conduct, honor of self/others and sacrifice for the good of the public.  
|Starring Jack Webb as Sgt. Joe Friday and his partner solving actual cases from the files of the Los Angeles Police Department. Great use of law enforcement jargon by the officers while educating the public on the Rule of Law. Showed fine examples of moral conduct, honor of self/others and sacrifice for the good of the public.  

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The greatest conservative television shows

Title Original run Network TV rating Description
Family Ties 1982-1989 NBC Dramaedy series about how hardworking conservative children, eg. Michael J. Fox, outsmart their liberal, ex-hippie, underachieving parents.
Broken Arrow 1956-1958 ABC A compassionate Indian agent, Tom Jeffords, played by John Lupton, forges a friendship with the Apache Indian Cochise, portrayed by Michael Ansara; set in Arizona
Sugarfoot 1957-1961 ABC Will Hutchins plays young "do-gooder" Tom "Sugarfoot" Brewster, a novice lawyer who roams the Old West "on the side of law and order," according to the theme song of the Warner Brothers series; Sugarfoot eschews guns until pushed to the brink and even refuses alcohol and instead orders "sarsparialla with a dash of cherry" when he enters a saloon.
Death Valley Days 1952-1973 Syndicated Historically-based dramatic western presentations hosted at different times by Stanley Andrews, Ronald Reagan, Robert Taylor, and Dale Robertson. It ran at times under other titles, such as Trails West, with Ray Milland.
Faye Emerson's Wonderful Town 1951-1952 CBS Once a daughter-in-law of Franklin D. Roosevelt and a wife of Skitch Henderson, Faye Emerson presents the most memorable songs associated with various cities, mostly in the United States; in its day, this was one of the most expensive programs to present to the public.
Lawman 1958-1962 ABC John Russell as Marshal Dan Troop; Peter Brown as deputy Johnny McKay, and Peggie Castle as Lily; this Warner Brothers series sought to maintain highest script quality so as not to be "just another western."
Black Saddle 1959-1960 ABC Peter Breck plays Clay Culhane, a gunfighter-turned-lawyer who seeks to help those in need of legal representation; co-starring Russell Johnson as Marshal Gib Scott
Laramie 1959-1963 NBC John Smith and Robert Fuller portray ranch partners Slim Sherman and Jess Harper; many episodes focus on their close friendship, which also extended off the set; Hoagy Carmichael appeared the first season as their housekeeper; Spring Byington filled that role in the last two seasons.
State Trooper 1956-1959 Syndicated Rod Cameron adventure/drama anthology series, forgotten to most today, based on case files of the Nevada state troopers; law and justice always prevail. Many episodes have surprise endings and unusual titles.
Our Man Higgins 1962-1963 ABC Stanley Holloway plays an English butler for an American family in a situation comedy with a dose of "culture clash". Frank Maxwell and Audrey Totter played the parents, and Ricky Kelman was the son, Tommy MacRoberts.
The Office 2005- NBC TV PG Mockery of liberal ideology and political correctness in an office setting, without a liberal laugh track. The main character repeatedly encounters contradictions and absurdities as he tries to conform to liberal expectations. The show was most popular when its humor was conservative, and has declined in quality and popularity as its conservative humor has been diluted. Steve Carell played the main character for six years and was denied an Emmy Award by liberals every time despite being by far the funniest actor on television.
The Apprentice NBC Liberals stopped watching when they realized that Donald Trump might be conservative.
The Six Million Dollar Man 1974-1978 ABC Capitalism at its finest - technological advances improving life; starring Lee Majors
The Cosby Show 1984-1992 NBC TV G Promoting good family values.
Bonanza 1959-1973 NBC Western promoting good neighborliness and the pursuit of just causes, with Lorne Greene, Dan Blocker, Pernell Roberts, and Michael Landon
The Rifleman 1958-1963 ABC Western with emphasis on fair play and giving people a second chance; starring Chuck Connors, Johnny Crawford, and Paul Fix. The Rifleman
The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet 1952-1966 ABC Long running comedy show epitomizing 1950s stable families and family values
American Idol 2002- Fox TV PG Allows the best of the public to come to the fore musically
Dog the Bounty Hunter A public prayer to Jesus launches each new bounty mission; good guys enforcing law and order.
24 2001-2010 Fox TV 14 Jack Bauer protects America at all costs against all terrorists, whether Muslim, European, Chinese, African, and even the US government.
Top Gear 2002- BBC TV PG A British TV show about all types of cars. It is a fun show which celebrates individual freedom, capitalism, and private-sector innovation. It is also often politically incorrect and pokes fun at global warming.
The Waltons 1972-1981 CBS A family with strong Christian values overcomes hardship in rural America during the Depression and U.S. involvement in World War II and extends charity to strangers while also honoring military service; starring Richard Thomas, Ralph Waite, Michael Learned, Will Geer, and Ellen Corby
The Lawrence Welk Show 1955-1982 ABC; Syndicated A family oriented variety show that appealed to Midwestern values
Chuck NBC Emphasizes family values, honor, and a respect for our nation's servicemen.
Little House on the Prairie 1974-1983 NBC TV G A show that celebrates family values and the courage of the 1870s-1880s pioneers, starring Michael Landon.
Touched by an Angel 1994-2003 CBS TV PG A popular drama about an angel in human form who visited troubled people in crisis. It was highly ranked for four seasons and ran for nine seasons. Principal star: Della Reese
Life is Worth Living Syndicated Emmy Award winning show dealing with moral issues hosted by Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen; from 10 to 30 million people watched the show weekly.
7th Heaven 1996-2007 Warner Brothers TV PG The family of a Christian minister deals with moral and controversial themes, approached from a socially and politically conservative Protestant viewpoint. It has the distinction of having been the longest-running family drama in U.S. television history; starring Stephen Collins.[1]
Life Goes On 1989-1993 ABC Follows the experiences of a young man with Down Syndrome and recognizes the dignity of people with developmental disabilities and the joy and love they give to their families and others.
Dragnet 1967-1970 NBC Starring Jack Webb as Sgt. Joe Friday and his partner solving actual cases from the files of the Los Angeles Police Department. Great use of law enforcement jargon by the officers while educating the public on the Rule of Law. Showed fine examples of moral conduct, honor of self/others and sacrifice for the good of the public.
Adam-12 1968-1975 NBC Spinoff of Webb-produced "Dragnet", also based on actual cases, this time focusing on LAPD street patrol officers Peter Malloy and James (Jim) Reed. Often more than one situation per episode. Same good examples as "Dragnet". Was remade into a limited (L.A. and N.Y.C. aired) syndication series in 1989-1991 with less known main characters and newer situations. All three of its main players (Martin Milner, Kent McCord, William Boyett) are still or have stayed married to their same wives, with nine children between them (Milner had 4, McCord had 3 and Boyett (who died in 2004 at 77) had 2).
Emergency! 1972-1977; TV specials ("The Final Rescues") 1977-1979 NBC Webb's second spin-off from "Dragnet" is a medical drama about Los Angeles County's Fire Department and its paramedics and the activities of Rampart General Hospital.
CHiPS 1977-1983 NBC Rick Rosner (California Highway Patrol member) produced light motorcycle dramedy mix on Los Angeles' freeways, beaches, etc...
Hardcastle & McCormick 1983-1986 ABC Los Angeles Superior Court's Milton Hardcastle goes after 200-ish cases who walked away on technicalities with help of race car driver turned criminal Mark McCormick.
Parking Wars Demonstrates the offensiveness of overbearing government bureaucracy while maintaining a respect for law officers.
Pawn Stars TV PG Shows how two parties can **mutually and fairly benefit** from a negotiated free-market transaction, independent of any government "assistance".
The Bob Newhart Show 1972-1978 CBS TV G A mockery of how insane people may become in a secular world.
Hawaii-Five-O 1968-1980 CBS Even in what might be expected to be a lazy, hazy paradise, the law is still the law, with Jack Lord and James MacArthur.
Daniel Boone 1964-1971 NBC As the title music sang, "he fought for America, to make all Americans free", with Fess Parker in the starring role
MacGyver 1985-1992 ABC TV PG The main character played by Richard Dean Anderson uses Yankee ingenuity to solve various problems and escape the clutches of his enemies; the series eschews violence until absolutely necessary.
Walker, Texas Ranger 1993-2001 CBS Starring Chuck Norris and Noble Willingham
NCIS 2003- CBS TV 14 Show about U.S. Navy investigators, voted America's favorite program in 2011; starring Mark Harmon and David McCallum
Mission: Impossible 1966-1973; 1988-1990 CBS, ABC Emphasizes teamwork, friendship, professionalism, and American ingenuity and exceptionalism, which can overcome any obstacle, with Peter Graves, Martin Landau, and Barbara Bain
Storage Wars Emphasizes capitalist and free market values. Plus on another level, it illustrates the importance of personal responsibility; the lockers that are being auctioned off belonged to people who decided not to pay their bills.
The Prisoner 1967-1968 ITV Classic British TV show about a secret agent who is sent to a strange "village" in order to determine the reasons for his resignation. The Prisoner is a metaphor for the Individual against the Collective. The series ran for only seventeen episodes.
Yes, Minister!'Yes, Prime Minister! BBC Classic British sit-com about the political machinations of being a cabinet member in the British government, and then eventually as Prime Minister. A recurring theme is that of the struggle of politicians to make the desired changes despite the resistence of the bureaucracy.
Storm Chasers The Weather Channel Demonstrates core conservative values such as courage and a thirst for practical, scientific knowledge
The Pretender Pro-life and with a message of charity and self-sacrifice as personal responsibility
The Dick Van Dyke Show 1961-1966 CBS Pro-marriage and pro-family, this series launched the career of Mary Tyler Moore.
The Donna Reed Show 1958-1966 ABC Situation comedy of an upper middle-class family in Hillsdale (state not given), with Donna Reed in the role of Donna Stone, wife of a pediatrician, played by Carl Betz.
Wagon Train 1957-1965 NBC/ABC Western with conservatives Ward Bond and John McIntire playing trailmasters Seth Adams and Chris Hale, respectively; the struggle of pioneers seeking a fresh start in the American West. Robert Horton and Robert Fuller also starred in the series.
Wanted: Dead or Alive 1958-1961 CBS Steve McQueen as a kind-hearted bounty hunter, Josh Randall, dedicated to the enforcement of the law; numerous episodes have spiritual themes; a spinoff of Dick Powell's Zane Grey Theatre
Who Do You Think You Are? NBC NBC in USA (in other countries also) with famous people showing how to research relationships and histories of our ancestors. We owe them so much, whether horse thieves or royalty, they gave us our lives, and in some cases fought in the American Revolution.
Coming Home ABC Shows American war veterans coming home to their families
Legends of the Hidden Temple 1993-1995 Nickelodeon TV Y Game show that uses a conservative elimination format (ensuring only the most meritorious players survive to play the final round) and is unyielding in difficulty. Also, it refuses to succumb to liberal beliefs in archeology that keep historical sites and artifacts off limits, instead promoting the conservative Indiana Jones persona
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? 1999-2002 ABC TV G Game show, uses a conservative elimination format (ensuring only the most meritorious players survive to play the final round) and is unyielding in difficulty. The format for qualifying to be on the hot seat entirely depends on knowledge, not having the stereotypical game show contestant persona. The show unashamedly rewards people who know the most. Host Regis Philbin
Have No Fear: The Life of Pope John Paul II" December 1, 2005 ABC TV PG

One-night biopic of the late pontiff, from his resistance to Nazism and Communism to elevations to priest, archbishop, cardinal and his life as the titular pontiff.

Pope John Paul II December 4 & 7, 2005 CBS TV PG In this biographical miniseries, conservative actor Jon Voight portrayed Pope John Paul II, who was influential in non-violent resistance to World War II's Nazis and the Cold War's Communists, eventually defeating all of them. Part 1 also includes his years as priest, archbishop, cardinal. Part 2 covers his 26-1/2 year pontificate. Cary Elwes played Wojtyla from ages 19 to just before his pontical election at 58.
The Glenn Beck Show Fox News| Public affairs program
Hannity (formerly Hannity and Colmes) 2009- Fox News Sean Hannity's television public affairs program

Debatable whether conservative

Title Original run Network TV rating Description
The Twilight Zone 1959-1964 (original run) CBS A recurring theme is that the selfish and the self-centered eventually lose what they sought to gain; hosted by Rod Serling.
The Beverly Hillbillies 1962-1971 CBS Though silly, the show is powerful in illustrating how material possessions are not what define a person. Buddy Ebsen stars as Jed Clampbett.
King of the Hill Fox TV PG Despite cartoonish nature, shows the struggle of a hardworking, traditional American family against "alternative" modern cultural movements.
Antiques Roadshow PBS Shows the real value (financial and historical) of handcrafts and traditional, old-fashioned things and memorabilia
The Larry Sanders Show A dark comedy based around the background of a Hollywood talk show, showing a great deal of liberal and celebrity hypocrisy and mocking them for their behavior.
Breaking Bad American Movie Classic A previously law-abiding chemistry teacher gets involved in the drug trade and destroys himself and his family. Each immoral decision leads him further along the path of destruction. The evildoers all suffer for their actions.
The O'Reilly Factor Fox News While it appeals to conservative viewers, Bill O'Reilly's talk show also occasionally defends liberals on certain social issues.
Cops 1989- Fox The good guys protecting the public from criminals, yet arguably promotes police state and big government. Filmed on location in many exotic locales with actual law enforcement agencies, both here in the U.S. and abroad.


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