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Here are some of the greatest conservative television shows:

  1. Family Ties: a conservative teenager (played by Michael J. Fox) tries to enlighten his liberal, ex-hippie, underachieving[1] parents.
  2. The Office: mockery of liberal ideology and political correctness in an office setting, without a liberal laugh track. The main character repeatedly encounters contradictions and absurdities as he tries to conform to liberal expectations. The show was most popular when its humor was conservative, and has declined in quality and popularity as its conservative humor has been diluted. Steve Carell played the main character for 6 years and was denied an Emmy by liberals every time, despite being by far the funniest actor on television.
  3. The Apprentice: liberals stopped watching when they realized that Donald Trump might be conservative.
  4. The Six Million Dollar Man: capitalism at its finest - technological advances improving life.
  5. The Cosby Show: promoting good family values.
  6. American Idol: allowing the best of the public to come to the fore, musically.
  7. 24: Jack Bauer shows us how to beat Islamic terrorists.
  8. Star Trek: emphasized morality, honor, abiding by a strict code of conduct, and problem solving in a science fiction setting that inspired real world innovations; a strong cultural celebration of excellence. Portrayed the Cold War struggle as a conflict between the democratic Federation (USA) and the authoritarian, collectivist Klingons (the Soviet Union), correctly forecast the eventual winner.
  9. The Waltons: a family with strong Christian values overcomes hardship in rural America and extends charity to strangers while also honoring military service.
  10. The Lawrence Welk Show: a clean, family oriented variety show that appealed to Midwestern values.
  11. Chuck: emphasizes family values, honor, and a respect for our nation's servicemen.
  12. Little House on the Prairie: A show that celebrates family values and the courage of the pioneers who made our country what it is today.
  13. Touched by an Angel: a popular drama about an angel in human form who visited troubled people in crisis, it was a highly ranked series for four seasons and ran for a remarkable nine seasons.
  14. Life is Worth Living: Emmy Award winning show hosted by Archbishop Fulton Sheen. Between 10 & 30 million people watched the show weekly on moral issues of the day.
  15. 7th Heaven: Show about a Christian minister's family, that dealt with moral and controversial themes, which are approached from a socially and politically conservative Protestant Christian point of view. It was the longest-running family drama in U.S. television history.[2]
  16. Life Goes On: Follows the experiences of a young man with Down Syndrome and recognizes the dignity of people with developmental disabilities and the joy and love they give to their families and others.
  17. Dragnet: starring Jack Webb as Sgt. Joe Friday and his partner(s) solving actual cases from the files of the Los Angeles Police Department. Great use of law enforcement jargon by the officers while educating the public on the Rule of Law. Showed fine examples of moral conduct, honor of self/others and sacrifice for the good of the public.
  18. Parking Wars: Demonstrates the offensiveness of overbearing government bureaucracy while maintaining a respect for law officers.
  19. Pawn Stars: Shows how two parties can **mutually and fairly benefit** from a negotiated free-market transaction, independent of any government "assistance"
  20. The Bob Newhart Show: a mockery of how crazy people become in a secular world.
  21. Hawaii-Five-O: Even in what might be expected to be a lazy, hazy paradise, the law is still the law.
  22. Daniel Boone: As the famous title music sang, "he fought for America, to make all Americans free".
  23. MacGyver: The main character uses Yankee ingenuity to solve various problems and escape the clutches of his enemies. Eschews violence until absolutely necessary.
  24. Walker, Texas Ranger: starring Chuck Norris
  25. NCIS: Show about Navy Cops, was voted America's favorite tv show in 2011
  26. Mission: Impossible: emphasizes teamwork, friendship, professionalism. Posits that American ingenuity and exceptionalism can overcome any obstacle
  27. Storage Wars: emphasizes capitalist and free market values. Plus on another level, it illustrates the importance of personal responsibility; the lockers that are being auctioned off belonged to people who decided not to pay their bills.
  28. The Prisoner (1968): Classic British TV show about a secret agent who is sent to a strange "village" in order to determine the reasons for his resignation. The Prisoner is a metaphor for the Individual against the Collective.
  29. Yes, Minister! and Yes, Prime Minister!: Classic British sit-com about the political machinations of being a cabinet member in the British government, and then eventually as Prime Minister. A recurring theme is that of the struggle of politicians to make the desired changes against the bureaucracy.
  30. Storm Chasers: demonstrates core conservative values such as courage and a thirst for practical, scientific knowledge
  31. Cops: the good guys protecting the public from criminals.
  32. The Pretender: pro-life, and with a message of charity and self-sacrifice as personal responsibility.
  33. Dick Van Dyke Show: pro-marriage and pro-religion, and launched the career of Mary Tyler Moore

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Debatable Whether Conservative

  1. The Twilight Zone: a recurring theme is that the selfish and the self-centered eventually lose what they sought to gain.
  2. The Beverly Hillbillies: though silly, the show is powerful in illustrating how material possessions are not what define a person.
  3. King of the Hill: despite cartoonish nature, shows the struggle of a hardworking, traditional American family against "alternative" modern cultural movements
  4. Antiques Roadshow: shows the very real (financial and historical) value of handcrafts and traditional, old-fashioned things and memorabilia.
  5. The Larry Sanders Show: a dark comedy based around the background of a Hollywood talk show, showing a great deal of liberal and celebrity hypocrisy and mocking them for their behavior.
  6. Breaking Bad: a previously law-abiding chemistry teacher gets involved in the drug trade and destroys himself and his family. Each immoral decision leads him further along the path of destruction. The evildoers all suffer for their actions.

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  1. The father was criticized by the son for working for less money at a public television station, rather than in free enterprise.
  2. [1]