Essay:Gun free zones and terrorism

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Ah, every day, another tragedy is around the corner. Another deranged terrorist will shoot up a school. Conservatives will blame it on too much gun control, liberals will blame it on too little. Either way, tragedies happen too often. Innocent people lose their lives. Now, what are the main reasons? Let's break this down.

The Causes

The largest cause would be gun free zones. They sound good but if they worked, then cities with large amounts of crime would declare themselves gun-free zones. No criminal, ever, has listened to a gun free zone. That's simple. Unarmed people are easy targets to shooters. If schools had armed people, then most shootings would be avoided. But the need for a high horse of imaginary superiority is needed by the (Hypocritical) liberal politicians, who have armed bodyguards. The thought that somebody may stop you at any time is infinitely scarier then having unarmed people to a shooter. The next largest cause is gun control. If it wasn't so tedious to get a gun in left-wing states, then armed teachers could stop shooters easily. Most shooters are weak, mentally and physically, and one armed person could stop them. Most shooters are terrible cowards and never expect opposition in any form. The next reason is that there is a lack of armed police on school grounds. School Resource Officers also make children less likely to dislike the police, which is an added benefit. There are also many smaller reasons, such as the glorification of shooters on the internet and the names of school shooters being publicized in the media.

The Conclusion To stop new shootings, us as a society need to take the following steps.

1: End gun free zones; They invite criminals. 2: Remove almost all gun control; No criminal listens to the laws. 3: Put police in schools; They are very useful in preventing all crimes in schools. 4: Stop glorifying shooters; Glorifying shooters is the same as glorifying Osama Bin-Laden. It's plain disgusting. 5: Stop publicizing the names of shooters; A lot of shooters want attention, and the media gives them what they want.