Essay:How Conservatism Is Essential to the Future of Christianity

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Every Christian Church that has allowed or embraced liberal ideology has ultimately declined or even vanished. Every country that has been taken over by liberal politics has seen a decline in Christianity. Liberal politics poses perhaps the single greatest impediment to the future of Christianity, independent of its effect on the economy and secular society.

Consider the following:

  • Many people care more about politics (and money and jobs) than about religion, and when there is a conflict they choose politics over religion.
  • Politically motivated corruption of religion is anticipated and blocked only by conservatism
  • Only conservatism exposes and debunks liberal deceit
  • Liberals control education, and its effect on Christian faith cannot be underestimated
  • Many people, such as former abortionist Dr. Bernard Nathanson, convert to Christianity only hearing conservative principles or witnessing conservative protests[1]
  • one's level of conservatism is highly correlated to how often he engages in Christian prayer
  • conservatism, like Christianity, focuses on the future; liberals, like atheists, focus on a (false) view of the past
  • politics is the tool liberals use to pull teenagers away from their faith, and it takes conservatism to counter that effectively
  • several big threats to faith postdate the King James Bible, such as pornography and gambling
  • politics is pushed on the public through television and radio shows in unavoidable ways, which erodes people's faith if left unrebutted

The pernicious effect of politics on religion helps explain:

Liberals use politics to exploit a literal interpretation of a phrase in the New Testament that God chooses the political leaders. Under this interpretation Christians should respect, honor and obey a political leader no matter how liberal or anti-Christian he is.