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Liberal celebrity obsession is the phenomenon of obsessions over the lives of celebrities which is demonstrated mainly by individuals with liberal political leanings.


Liberal celebrity obsession can be observed on most mainstream media outlets. Often the media will prioritize trivial celebrity activities over events with legitimate importance.

Some examples include:

Liberals will often listen to the testimony of a celebrity such as Sheryl Crow[1] or Leonardo DiCaprio[2] when discussing matters such as Global Warming.


Publications such as tabloids and newsmagazine TV shows such as Entertainment Tonight garner most of their audience from the liberal population. With this support, these enterprises are allowed to exist because they cater to the liberal appetite.

Harmful Effects

Liberal celebrity obsession can lead to dangerous behavior such as stalking. Some notable stalkers include John Hinckley, Dawnette Knight and Ambrose Kappos.

Obsessed individuals may also place more importance in the activities of celebrities over the activities happening in their own lives.

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