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Here is a proposed Homeschool Constitution to be circulated to homeschool groups around the country to join a union of homeschool groups, which can then assist each other in enriching and expanding the experience of homeschooling:

Article I: Religion and Behavior.

Section One: There shall be no religious test for student participation, but a voluntary Christian prayer shall be used at the beginning of classroom instruction.
Section Two: There shall be no censorship of the Ten Commandments, "under God" from the Pledge of Allegiance, or similar recognition of our Judaeo-Christian heritage.
Section Three: God-honoring behavior shall be required at all activities.
Section Four: Civility and chivalrous behavior shall be encouraged between boys and girls, and athletic competition between the genders shall be discouraged.

Article II: Curriculum.

Section One: Textbook materials and assignments shall be free of liberal bias.
Section Two: Instruction shall include teachings in history, government, writing and (if possible) economics.
Section Three: All students shall learn to read well using phonics, and all problems in a particular student's ability to read shall be identified and corrected.
Section Four: Instruction and discussions in all subjects shall be only in English (except for courses teaching foreign languages).
Section Five: Friendly competition shall be encouraged to motivate students.

Article III: College and Culture.

Section One: Students shall receive preparation and guidance to excel academically at college.
Section Two: Information about the nature and extent of liberal bias at many colleges shall be made available to the college-bound students.
Section Three: Students shall be prepared to handle and reject the increasingly atheistic culture, and the harm it causes.

Article IV: Activities and Cooperation.

Section One: Students shall be encouraged to participate in one or more civic activities, such as dinners with outside speakers and trips to conservative gatherings.
Section Two: Homeschool groups shall cooperate in working with other homeschooling groups that adopt this Constitution.