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Sodomism, a new noun, is hereby proposed as a plain-talk, shorter way of saying, "homosexual ideology", "transgender ideology", "LGBT dogma", "gender ideology", etc. Its scope is the entirety of the LGBT-etc. campaign's ideologies.


  • Sodomist: Noun. An adherent or proponent of Sodomism. Usage examples: "Sodomists are implacably hostile to real Christians." "Sodomists have greatly expanded the scope of fornonormativity."
  • Sodomist: Adjective. Of or pertaining to Sodomism. Usage examples: "A Sodomist crowd gathered outside the Supreme Court today." "The lamestream media are replete with the language of Sodomist propaganda and demands, presented both subtly and overtly."

Additional Connotations

In addition to the political denotation, this term is also meant to suggest a religious angle.

  • Since Sodomism is based on such faulty science--outright corruptions of the scientific method, no less--its arguments are mere assertions that one has to take on faith.
  • Given that the scope of Sodomism includes the whole life of individuals and of society, we have another point of comparison where we can call Sodomism a religion or a religion-like belief system.
  • We might even go so far as to wonder whether modern Sodomists actually worship the gods of ancient Sodom, whether they name those gods or not.
  • Sodomists calling themselves "gay Christians" tend to distort Christianity in order to make it include tenets of Sodomism. This behavior is consistent with the idea of a religion that is competing with and trying to infiltrate and ultimately swallow another religion.
  • Sodomists have their own (corrupt) version of the Bible.
  • Sodomists appropriate religious stories, e.g., by asserting that David and Jonathan of ancient Israel were homosexually involved with each other.
  • Some Sodomists have made Christological assertions, e.g., calling Jesus gay.
  • Many Sodomists don't want to just get "married" or have their gendered names changed, they demand that it be done in religious buildings, by religious personnel, and with religious blessings.


As social conservatives, we believe that the Sodomist way of thinking will, if unchecked, make the world like ancient Sodom. The signature act of Sodomists is sodomy as classically defined.

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