Essay:The half-life of the Supreme Court

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In how many years does the Supreme Court make or remake 50% (weighted by significance) of its case law? Expressed in scientific terms, what is the "half-life" of the Supreme Court?

The Supreme Court makes or remakes 5% of its case law (weighted by significance) each year. At that rate, the half-life of the Supreme Court is about a decade.

The half-life was likely slower during periods of no turnover (e.g., about 1995 to 2005), and higher during periods of high turnover (e.g., about 2005 to 2015).

Constitutional law treatises should be written backwards, starting from the most recent term. Once a constitutional law treatise is 10 years old, throw it out.

A wiki-based website is far superior than print in describing the U.S. Supreme Court. This is a goal of Conservapedia.