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As observed over and over on CP, it appears that trolls who create accounts to vandalize pages for a mere fifteen minutes of fame don't learn that vandalism is simply pointless and a lousy waste of time. The following below highlights exactly why such is the case.

Some vandals are very easy to spot

Here's what many vandal accounts and their edits look like in Special:RecentChanges (which is directly linked in the left side bar, just below the "Main Page" link):

  • (diff | hist) . . Donald Trump; 20:22 . . (-107,158) . . EyeYamKnotSmart (Talk | contribs) (Blanked the page)
  • (User creation log); 20:20 . . User account EyeYamKnotSmart (Talk | contribs) was created

Because most trolls who prioritize vandalizing pages don't create their user pages or user talk pages, those links show up in a dark red color, which is very noticeable due to contrasting with most active, faithful users that have already created their respective user and user talk pages. Furthermore, because the number showing the net difference in byte count from the edit is very low, it is obvious that a massive amount of content has been removed.

Other vandals follow as similar to such (as appears again in Special:RecentChanges):

  • (diff | hist) . . User talk:Northwest; 15:38 . . (-336) . . LiberaltearsNeedsHelp (Talk | contribs) (Ha!)
  • (diff | hist) . . User talk:Northwest; 15:37 . . (+336) . . LiberaltearsNeedsHelp (Talk | contribs) (Heh)
  • (User creation log); 15:34 . . User account LiberaltearsNeedsHelp (Talk | contribs) was created

These trolls tend to the types that find a relatively active user, create an account insulting that user's name, and go on the talk page of that user's or another relatively active user's to enter in vulgar and foul insults (sometimes including copypasted death threats), sometimes immediately reverting it. These are almost always socks of the young, immature and vulgar troll who is referred to here as the Juvenile Delinquent, whose sock accounts are blocked soon after.

How vandals/trolls are halted

Reverting vandalism for non-sysops

The simple directions:

  1. Click on the page vandalized.
  2. Click on "View history".
  3. Click on the most recent revision immediately prior to the vandal edit(s).
  4. Click the "Edit" button.
  5. Either click the "Save page" button in the bottom left corner or the "Publish" button in the top right corner.

Blocking vandals

Vandals can simply be blocked by any user with a "Block" or "Administrator" tag. Furthermore, blocked vandals who create sock-puppet accounts can easily be busted by any user with a "check user" or "Administrator" tag, as they can view the IP addresses of any user. Blocked vandals who continue to create vandal accounts will have their IP addresses blocked. Furthermore, all users on Conservapedia are required to show their IP addresses, as those who create accounts while hiding them will be blocked.