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In the 21st century, many TV commercials and online advertisements attack Caucasians, males, Christians, and even heterosexuals, while promoting feminism, leftism, environmentalism, and the LGBT agenda.

Company Year of Release Description
Burger King 2017 Spreads belief in the fictitious "pink tax," a theory that women have to pay more for female-specific products. Promotes feminism. Received a large amount of criticism from conservatives and libertarians.
Gillette 2019 Attacks masculinity and attacks males for being misogynists. Received widespread criticism.
Reebok 2019 Promotes homosexuality and LGBT pride by featuring an openly homosexual basketball player attempting to advance the LGBT agenda. Also mentions "your truth." Sephora 2019 In a sad attempt to showcase diversity, the advertisement pans through a transvestite, a Native American woman, an obese, bald, African-American woman, and a Muslim woman in a hijab. Some find the transvestite and bald woman repulsive. Sephora is a make-up company, and should showcase actual beauty. Also, the narrator encourages viewers to live "our truth," thus promoting the leftist belief in multiple "truths" rather than the truth.
Skittles 2019 Mostly goofy, until the end, when the commercial notifies its audience that Skittles has removed their own rainbow in honour of LGBT Pride, thus kowtowing to the LGBT agenda.