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While many [[Essay:Greatest_Conservative_Movies|great conservative movies]] are produced every year, [[Hollywood values|Hollywood]] continues to create many movies which promote, normalize and aggrandize bad behavior and poor values. Below is a list of some of the more egregious examples: ==Political== #''[[Frost/Nixon]]'' - A liberal movie meant to further tarnish the reputation of [[Richard Nixon]]. #''W'' - A movie designed to denigrate the role of Christianity in US politics and particularly in the life of George W. Bush. #''Fahrenheit 9/11'' - A Michael Moore movie, which distorts the tangential link between the Bush family and the Bin Laden family. #''The Motorcycle Diaries'' - A fawning monument to communist [[Che Guevara]]. #''The Contender'' - Political movie turned into pro-[[Al Gore]] propaganda by liberal studio executives and [[Hollywood values]]. #''V for Vendetta'' - Blatantly glorifies [[anarchism]], [[socialism]], [[communism]] and [[homosexuality]]. ==Social== #''Ferris Bueller's Day Off'' - Promotes the message that skipping school, education and general dishonesty is somehow "cool". #''Dazed and Confused'' - Promotes promiscuity and drug abuse. #''Blow'' - Glorifies the life of drug dealer, and suspected murderer, George Jung. #''Scarface'' - Glorified drug use and gangsterism, whilst glossing over the Cuban plan to send all their scum to America, in the guise of refugees. #''Pineapple Express'' - Shows drug abuse to be "cool". #''Natural Born Killers'' - Riddled with violence, drug abuse and sexual references, this movies main characters are brutal serial killers who are viewed as heroes. #''[[Brokeback Mountain]]'' - Showing that [[liberals]] will shoehorn the homosexual agenda into anything, even cowboys. #''Boogie Nights'' - Made the porn industry and exploitation of women look cool. #''The Social Network'' - Glorifies the gossip website [[Facebook]], which feeds narcissism and destroys marriages. Also portrays drug use and misogyny in a positive light. #''The Day After Tomorrow'' - Overdramatic, nonsensical portrayal of the consequences of fictional [[climate change]]. #''The People vs. Larry Flynt'' - Idealizes [[pornography]] mogul [[Larry Flynt]] and argues that pornography is protected by the [[First Amendment]]. ==Schlockumentary== # ''[[Sicko]]'' - [[Michael Moore]]'s attack on the U.S. health care system, in which he conveniently forgets things such as long waiting lists when comparing it to the socialistic NHS system of [[Great Britain]]. # Almost any movie by [[Michael Moore]], in fact. # ''[[An Inconvenient Truth]]'' - [[Al Gore]]'s [[global warming]] alarmist [[schlockumentary]]. # ''Super Size Me'' - Blames obesity on great capitalist paragons like [[McDonald's]] and [[Sodexo]]. # ''[[Religulous]]'' - "Comedian" Bill Maher tries to convince the audience of the folly of all religion, with special focus on Christianity. #''[[Jesus Camp]]'' - Baselessly attacks Conservative Christianity; incited liberal vandalism of the Bible camp shown in the film. ==Religious== #''Dogma'' - mocks religion and [[Catholic]]ism in particular, with cheap smutty jokes and portraying [[God]] as female. #''The Golden Compass'' - based on the atheistic ''His Dark Materials'' series. #''Paul'' - at first glance, this is a comedy about 2 nerds who help an alien return to space. However, there is a darker subtext - first a Christian girl who is confronted by the alien (Paul) ''immediately'' renounces her faith and becomes a foul-mouthed, lascivious trollop. In addition, Paul also "heals the blind and raises the dead" and at the end of the film, the Christian-turned-trollop thanks Paul for "saving her." please add more!