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The Worst Liberal Snubs is a growing list of the biggest liberal snubs against movies, shows, cars, and persons who have a conservative message:

  1. The Shawshank Redemption (1994), which is ranked as the all-time #1 film by the movie buffs at IMDb and has spiritual content,[1] received zero (0) Academy Awards out of 7 nominations.
  2. The musical movie Grease (1978), immensely successful (#1 at box office film in 1978, by far[2]) and conservative in its message about young men and women, and cars (including featuring a muscle car design in its promotional poster), received no Academy Awards and only one minor nomination.
  3. The pro-family, popular television show The Brady Bunch (1969–1974) was repeatedly snubbed in Emmy awards.
  4. Steve Carell, a comedian who played the role of a conservative on The Office, was nominated up to 10 times for an Emmy for that show, but did he ever win??[3]
  5. To punish the eminent physicist Fred Hoyle for criticizing the theory of evolution, the Nobel Prize committee awarded its prize to an underling of Hoyle for his work, and without recognizing him.
  6. The movie Citizen Kane (1941) was critical of the media mogul William Randolph Hearst, who tried to stop it, and it is considered the greatest movie ever made and yet was snubbed for best picture and many other Oscars in 1942.[4]
  7. Judy Garland was snubbed twice by liberal Hollywood in the Academy Awards, first by allowing her only a juvenile Oscar for her spectacular performance in The Wizard of Oz.
  8. Vertigo is considered one of the 10 greatest films ever made (#1 on a British list perhaps because its director Alfred Hitchcock was British), and yet it won no Oscars and was merely nominated in two obscure categories: sound and art direction and sound. Singin' in the Rain was also snubbed with no Oscars despite being one of the greatest musicals ever.
  9. The Exorcist was an influential sensation that also broke the box-office revenue record, and yet was snubbed with only two very minor Oscars because liberals and atheists prefer to engage in liberal denial about the existence of the devil.
  10. The Great Escape (1963) starring Steve McQueen is considered the 18th greatest war film ever,[5] yet received zero (0) Academy Awards as liberals punished its conservative theme of hope and freedom.
  11. John DeLorean car, immensely innovative and popular in the Back to the Future trilogy, was essentially ruined by the liberal media that hates masculine cars, particularly American ones.
  12. The Searchers, a conservative Western considered to be one the greatest movies ever made, received zero (0) Oscar nominations.
  13. Witness, a fabulous movie respectful of the religious Amish and featuring top stars, received only two minor Oscars in 1985.
  14. Chappaquiddick, a widely praised independent film in 2017 that embarrassed liberal Ted Kennedy, opened above box office expectations but received zero (0) award nominations.
  15. The Passion of Christ (2004), won zero (0) Academy Awards and only three nominations, despite being one of the most talked-about and watched movies of the year.[6]
  16. Heaven Can Wait (1978), one of the most profitable movies ever made in terms of its ratio of box office revenue to production costs, was nominated for nine nearly entirely major Oscars and yet was awarded an Oscar only in the least significant category.
  17. North by Northwest (1959), a conservative movie about the Cold War, is considered one of the greatest movies ever and yet received only 3 minor Academy Award nominations and no wins.