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Title Original run Network TV rating Description

Real Time with Bill Maher 2003- HBO TV MA Political talk show that typically features a liberally slanted panel. Routinely mocks conservatives and conservative values. Maher himself smears conservative women in a vulgar and sexist manner.
Family Guy 1999-2003, 2005- Fox TV 14 Notorious for its shock tactics, this show routinely employs willful tastelessness for comedic shock value. Examples include one regular character who is a pedophile, as well as constant Hitler jokes.
Modern Family 2010- ABC TV 14 Mocks family values and promotes dysfunction and gay parenting among families. Three "families" are depicted in the show, two of which are dysfunctional and the third of which is a gay couple with an adopted child.
GCB 2012-2012 ABC TV 14 Extremely blasphemous against Christianity, as evidenced simply by its provocative title.
Glenn Martin DDS 2009-2011 Nickelodeon TV PG Mocks the role of fatherhood and also promotes liberalism with many demented sexual jokes. One episode blatantly portrays Barack Obama as the "messiah" and Dick Cheney as the devil. Created by progressive former Disney CEO Michael Eisner.
RuPaul's Drag Race The Gay Network Radically pro-gay reality show hosted by homosexual cross-dresser RuPaul. The show is blatant promotion for transvestitism.
DeGrassi: The Boiling Point 2009- Teen Nick TV 14 Tasteless high school drama show which portrays drug use, homosexuality, transsexuals and abortion in a positive light
All American Muslim 2011-2012 TLC
The View 1997- ABC Talk show with liberal activists such as Barbara Walters, Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg.
The Daily Show with Jon Stewart 1996- Comedy Central TV 14 Jon Stewart mocks conservative politicians and media stars much more than his occasional jab at liberal Democrats.
Pretty Little Liars ABC Family TV 14 Depicts a homosexual teen as normal.
Skins 2011 MTV TV MA Portrays teenage sex in a positive light. This show was also accused of being in violation of child pornography laws. Ironically a much more sexually explicit version of the show has aired for years in the UK with absolutely no controversy.
Jersey Shore MTV TV 14 Infamous reality TV series that revolves around immoral and obscene behavior characteristics of its cast on the shores of New Jersey. Behavior depicted includes obscene dancing, innuendo, public drunkenness, and domestic violence.
Drawn Together Comedy Central TV MA Contains explicit crude and vulgar humor.
The Colbert Report 2005- Comedy Central TV 14 Stephen Colbert is a liberal who parodies conservative pundits such as Bill O'Reilly and conservative news shows, such as The O'Reilly Factor. Also features alcohol use, profanity, and jokes related to intercourse.
Countdown with Keith Olbermann 2003-2011 (MSNBC), 2011-2012 (Current TV) MSNBC, Current TV TV PG Hosted by left-wing commentator Keith Olbermann.
Ellen ABC
The Girls Next Door The Playboy Channel Promotes the pornographic magazine Playboy, which exploits women.
The Howard Stern Show TV MA
The Oprah Winfrey Show
30 Rock NBC TV 14
The Cleveland Show 2009- Fox TV 14 A spin-off from the extremely liberal cartoon Family Guy. Includes many racist and sexual jokes.
Sex and the City HBO TV MA The show has no basis other than the sexual "adventures" of four women in their mid-thirties who live in New York City.
Hardball with Chris Matthews CNBC
The West Wing 1999-2006 NBC Just a platform for the control-freak Aaron Sorkin's liberal talking points.
The Newsroom 2012- HBO Yet another forum for Aaron Sorkin to promote his liberal views. Promotes the view that making the news 'moral' means bashing Republicans. Strange liberal morality.
Piers Morgan Tonight CNN
Anderson Cooper 360° CNN Liberal-biased news show hosted by openly homosexual Anderson Cooper.
Two and a Half Men 2003 - CBS
The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills 2010 - BRAVO Physical altercations, verbal arguments, and name calling is routinely displayed. Show focuses on the cast's lack of effective interpersonal communication skills and promotes pointless drama.
Bridezillas 2004 - Brides-to-be are encouraged to display their worst behavior. They rant, scream, throw tantrums, and treat their wedding staff, spouse-to-be, family, and friends terribly.

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"If you watch 'Two and a Half Men', please stop watching 'Two and a Half Men, I'm on 'Two and a Half Men' and I don't want to be on it. You cannot be a true God-fearing person and be on a television show like that." - Angus T. Jones, actor on Two and a Half Men