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== See also ==
== See also ==
*[[Essay: Politics: The achilles' heel of atheism|Politics: The achilles' heel of atheism]]
*[[Essay: Atheism and evolution essays|Atheism and evolution essays]]
*[[Essay: Atheism and evolution essays|Atheism and evolution essays]]
*[[User:Conservative's essays]]
*[[User:Conservative's essays]]

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Edmund Burke was adamantly against atheism and pointed out its negative influence on the political realm.[1]

Atheist Dr. Gordon Stein wrote:

Atheism has long ceased to be a rare and oft-ignored philosophical outlook...It has transformed itself into an active political programme with clear objectives which, though they vary from state to state, unequivocally include the elimination of state religion, religious education, and the enshrinement of scientism."[2]

Atheists commonly use the political realm to advance their atheistic ideology (see: Political activities of atheists).

Historically, atheists have screwed towards the left side of the political aisle (see: Secular left).[3][4][5][6][7] However, the secular right has been growing within the atheist population and this is partly due to the alt-right movement (see: Atheism and the alt-right).

Scientism will soon take a big hit. Global warming alarmism will end soon

Only four in 10 Americans reported a great deal of confidence in the scientific community, but there has not been a significant drop in public confidence in the scientific community since the 1970s.[8]

The National Center for Science Education is currently pushing evolutionary pseudoscience and global warming alarmism. It knows that if more Americans develops a healthy skepticism of pseudoscience like global warming alarmism, it will spread to doubting evolutionism.

The global cooling scare occurred in the 1970s. Global warming alarmism has been around in the United States since at least 2006. Al Gore produced his documentary An Inconvenient Truth in 2006.

The election of Donald Trump had the United States pull out of the Paris Accord (Paris climate agreement). Europe now has a clear trend of moving politically to the right. In one to two presidential election cycles in Europe, it is conceivable that political support for global warming alarmism could largely end in the global community. For example, Marine Le Pen had a strong base among young people due to high youth joblessness in France.

The end of global warming alarmism will take a huge bite out of scientism. This in turn will weaken support for evolutionary pseudoscience.

See also


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