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According the website Absolute Write, "Absolute Write is a comprehensive informational Website and community for writers of all levels."[1]

A 2007 public commentary on Conservapedia's atheism article taken from a forum thread on the website (the first four posts on the thread):

1. First person: "Offhand I didn't see anything incorrect with this, and am surprised at how accurate it is:".[2]

2. Second person: "Sounds reasonable."[2]

3. Third Person: "I'd have to agree -- nothing really pops out at me either, at least on the Atheism page.[2]

4. Fourth person: "Wow, that was amazingly accurate and very fair."[2]

Conservapedia atheism articles statistics

YouTube videos on Conservapedia's atheism article

A British atheist on Conservapedia's atheism articles

The British atheist EJamesW on Conservapedia's atheism related articles: "...they're very detailed, thorough and have lots of quotes and citations."[3]

Below are two 2015 quotes of the British atheist EJamesW who is former editor at Conservapedia.

1. The British atheist EJamesW on Conservapedia's atheism related articles: "...they're very detailed, thorough and have lots of quotes and citations."[3]

2. An exchange betwwen the British atheist EJamesW and an evangelical Christian who helped create Conservapedia's articles on atheism:

A Christian editor using the User: Conservative account: "Have you ever once shown that an iota of the material posted on atheism by the User: Conservative account is an error?"

EJamesW: "No."[3]

Social media shares for Conservapedia's atheism article: Screen capture taken on November 3, 2017 from the website

Social media shares for Conservapedia's atheism article. The above graphic is a screen capture taken on November 3, 2017 from the website

The Conservapedia atheism article has been shared at the Freedom From Atheism Foundation Facebook page.

Atheists are living in denial about Conservpedia's atheism articles

Conservapedia has one the largest collection of articles on atheism on the internet. Its main atheism article and its collection of atheism article have both received a considerable amount of web traffic. The Freedom From Atheism Foundation has featured Conservapedia atheism content on their Facebook page which receives a considerable amount of social media traffic. In addition, large Christian YouTube channels have commentated favorably on Conservapedia's atheism articles.

According to the web traffic tracking company Alexa, as of 11/2/2017, Conservapedia receives 62.3% of its web traffic from the United States.[4] In the last 10 years or so, negative views about atheists in the United States have sharpened (see: Views on atheists).

A 2016 press release of a University of Minnesota study on atheists reported:

Survey data collected in 2014 shows that, compared to data collected in 2003, Americans have sharpened their negative views of atheists...

The findings of this most recent survey support the argument that atheists are persistent cultural outsiders in the United States because they are perceived to have rejected cultural values and practices understood as essential to private morality, civic virtue, and national identity. Moreover, any refusal to embrace a religious identity of any type is troubling for a large portion of Americans.[5]

Conservapedia was founded by Andy Schlafly who is the son of the late anti-feminist Phyllis Schlafly. Yet, even the feminist Monica Shores quoted Conservapedia's material related to the new atheist Richard Dawkins. Her Ms. Magazine article titled Will “New Atheism” Make Room For Women? was one of the first articles criticizing the New Atheism movement for being sexist.[6] She also cited Conservapedia in her article and indicated: "The lack of lady presence is so visible that Conservapedia commented on it by noting that Dawkins’ website overwhelmingly attracts male visitors."[7]

Atheists have tried to pretend that Conservapedia's atheism article are merely reinforcing the opinions of Christian fundamentalists and nobody else take the material seriously. Yet, this is obviously not true.

There are atheists who are obsessed with Conservapedia and have Severe Conservapedia Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (SCOCD). Deep down they know that Conservapedia is playing a part in shaping public opinion about atheism.

Two prominent atheists fly the flags of surrender

See also: Essay: Two prominent atheists fly the flags of surrender

Hemant Mehta: November 1, 2017


Now that the atheist movement utterly failed and is essentially dead, the atheist activist Hemant Mehta denies there ever was an atheist movement! [1] Of course, this is yet another flag of surrender for atheists. See also: Decline of the atheist movement

One thing for certain, proud atheists feel the sting of the agony of defeat!

Question: Did Conservapedia hasten the death of the atheist movement?

Aron Ra: October 2017


Aron Ra is an atheist vlogger. Aron Ra is also a former president of the Atheist Alliance of America, In addition, he is a former Texas state-director of the American Atheists.

Now that that atheist Aron Ra has surrendered....[2]

All to Jesus I surrender. Humbly at His feet I bow...