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Essay: Criticizing the beastly behavior of atheists is family-friendly

The atheist philosopher Peter Singer defends the practice of bestiality (as well as abortion, infanticide and euthanasia).[1]

Despite holding these immoral views, Princeton University rewarded him with a bioethics chair.[2] See also: Atheism and bestiality

Believe it or not, there are atheists who have whined about Conservapedia's Atheism and bestiality article. I know. I know. The notion that atheists like to whine is seems very unlikely, yet it happens quite frequently (see: Atheist whining).

A few points:

1. Bible-believing Christians are more likely to have children and marry than the irreligious (See: Atheism and marriage). The Bible is very family-friendly. The Bible mentions bestiality in more than place (prohibits it).

2. I do not use any salacious sources in terms of quoting or sourcing the various "Atheism and bestiality" type articles. I used mainstream news sources, etc.

3. A man said his mule was very teachable.

His friend told him, "Mules are stubborn. That is universally recognized. In fact, 'stubborn as a mule' is a common term people use to describe stubbornness."

While I am not advocating this of course, the man told his mule to do something and whacked him with a 2 by 4 piece of construction wood. And the mule complied with his request. The man then told his friend, "You see! My mule is teachable and not stubborn. But first, you have to get his attention".

I wanted to convey to atheists/agnostics/nonreligious/religious the notion that atheism breeds immorality. And bestiality is considered immoral by a very large amount of people for good reasons (harms animals, harms people[1], etc. etc.). And the topic of "Atheism and bestiality" is a "rhetorical 2 by 4" that gets the attention of atheists. Conservapedia's "atheism and bestiality" article has over 100,000 page views.

Now do I wish that atheists often weren't as stubborn as mules? Yes. Nevertheless, I believe they are and so I sometimes use "rhetorical 2 by 4s" that gets their attention.

Some parents try to raise their children to be atheists. Not only is atheist ideology less conducive to people wanting to marry and raise a family (see: Atheism and fertility rates), but atheism breeds arrogance in people (see: Atheism and arrogance). And arrogance causes disharmony in families. One of the quickest ways to knock a proud atheist off his high horse and humble him before his arrogant, atheist wife and sassy teen progeny is to charge at him with the lance of "atheism and bestiality" which will puncture his atheist armor, forcefully knock him of his atheist high horse and make him far more humble as he lies in the dirt of shame and humility. A quick "Oh yeah, what about atheism and bestiality? Why are atheists more apt to engage in bestiality, Mr. Atheist? According to atheists bestiality is just an animal having sexual relations with another animal. Is that right, Mr. Atheist? Being an atheist, you probably foolishly think sheep are literally your kissing cousins! You're so foolish Mr. Atheist."

In addition, shooting the bazooka of the issue of "atheism and bestiality" at atheists who have not yet become a hardened and stubborn atheists may jar them out of their atheist worldview. Atheists have a low retention rate in terms of holding onto their worldview (see: Atheism and its retention rate in individuals).

4. All right-thinking people against bestiality and know it is not family friendly. It is against God's design/purpose (for example, People/animals certainly don't advance procreation via engaging in bestiality, etc. etc. etc.). However, a problem with many atheists is that they are illogical and their worldview cannot account for logic (see: Atheism and logic). Logic is very family friendly. Is their anything more family-friendly than a husband calming his hysterical wife through the sweet reasonableness of using logic? No! Absolutely not!

Under an atheistic worldview, bestiality is just two animals having sex together. Under an atheistic worldview, bestiality is just one clump of atoms interacting with another clump of atoms. There is no OBJECTIVE meaning under an atheist worldview (see: Atheism and meaninglessness). So atheists have no legitimate right to complain about the morality of bringing up the topic of atheism and bestiality.

The atheist Friedrich Nietzsche wrote: "But now God is dead. You superior men, this God was your greatest danger. Only since he is in the grave, have you risen again. Only now comes the great noontide; only now the superior man will be – Lord!".[3]

The picture of Nietzsche above was taken in 1899. Nietzsche died in 1900. See: Atheism and arrogance

Proud people are often very stubborn - especially proud atheists.

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