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Fornonormativity (FOR-no-norm-uh-TIV-ih-tee) is hereby proposed as a new word with the following denotation: Noun. A state of a society or organization in which fornication and related behaviors are presupposed to be normal, morally good, and expected. In a fornonormative social milieu, people who abstain from certain behaviors are considered deviant. In a more advanced fornonormative culture, in which a wider set of what are traditionally called sexually immoral behaviors has been normativized, people who oppose certain behaviors in any public way start to suffer actual persecution.


"Fornonormativity" is a coinage from the Greek πορνεία (porneia), which in the New Testament refers to sexual immorality in general, for example, adultery, pre-marital sex, homosexuality, lesbianism, intercourse with animals. The set of sexual behaviors prohibited in the Bible intersects but is not identical to the set of behaviors that American fornonormativity seeks to elevate and protect. Incest, for example, remains outside at present.

Fornonormativity also supports consequent behaviors such as abortion-on-demand, which can be traced back to the normativization of pre-marital sex. The American fornonormative culture also created a large demand for easy divorce. Fornonormativity is an important part of an adherent individual's susceptibility to the notion that a homosexually immoral relationship can be sanctified as marriage.

To see an example of fornonormativity in action, consider the sitcom. In most modern situation comedies, among other entertainment programs, there's a courtship-marriage sequence that has been drastically rearranged. Sex is expected long before any possibility of marriage. Cohabitation comes before marriage in a manner and with a frequency that sets this sequence forth as the norm.

Another example is sex education. When students attend a certain sex ed course and report feeling encouraged, nudged, to become non-maritally sexually active, a fornonormative force is in evidence.

Yet another example is the LGBT campaign, which has built so much upon the foundation of fornonormativity that it has started methodically ruining the lives and businesses of people who act out time-honored moral thought. Fornonormativity has thus entered a beginning phase of true oppression.

Furthermore, the UN's appointment of an LGBT czar backed by worldwide enforcement powers shows fornonormativity personified, incarnate on a titanic scale. Since sexual immorality occupies a central place in the domain of sin, fornonormativity is a centrally antichristian force. Therefore, the rise of this Earth-encircling enormity, a worldwide fornonormative power vested in one person, invites comparison with the apocalyptic concept of the Antichrist.

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