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The Gingrich Administration would have been the expected leadership of the Executive Branch of the United States government from 2013 to 2017,had Newt Gingrich been able to secure the Republican nomination and win the Presidential Election 2012.

Position Conservapedia Prediction Actual Appointment
President Newt Gingrich
Vice President Rick Perry
Secretary of State Sarah Palin
Secretary of Defense
Secretary of Health and Human Services Mike Huckabee
Attorney General Possibly John Yoo
White House Press Secretary a Fox News Channel analyst
Secretary of Veterans Affairs Heather Wilson

Republicans who would not have appeared in a Gingrich Administration

  • Mitt Romney - despite the potential for being able to woo RINOs and others with whom Romney is popular, Romney's terribly negative campaign against Gingrich has effectively shut him out
  • Chris Christie - a major supporter of Romney

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