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Help Conservapedia! Campaign

Andy call the FBI, your website is being "helped". No wait - email Richard Lenski and make yourself look like a naïve idiot ! Two of your biggest humiliations! And widely publicised on the net.

An American anti-stupidity campaign is in gear and it will grind up conservapedians into a fine pulp!

Morals decline linked to belief in god!

The newspaper USA Today reported that a study which included Americans and Canadians found that "Conservapedians distrusted as much as rapists"

American perception of conservapedians is one step above child molesters!

Conservapedia – the world laughs at you!

Poor old Ken D*Myer (The intellectually challenged and cowardly user:conservative) and the well known moron Andy Schlafly are wetting their pants in fear! They know every new user is a potential ‘gensen’.

Ken – why don’t you ‘man up’ and actually debate an atheist intellectual instead of making up childish garbage. Let’s face it ken, you know you would be completely destroyed by any moderately intelligent person and that’s why YOU LACK THE MACHISMO TO EVEN HAVE A TALK PAGE.

Your Question evolution ‘campaign’ is one of the SADDEST ideas on the internet and will not make any difference what so ever!

But keep at it Ken and ‘FYI’ we love reading your ‘essays’.

1. First of all use a proxy site - proxyfreeunblockamerica - is very good. without spaces

2. Make sure when you create an account, you use a sensible user name otherwise you'll be blocked straight away.

3. Post a comment on the mainpage talk page. Most visitors to this site come for amusement and check the talk page and the history first. Also check recent changes. If you want, end all posts with this name [x[User:Gensen|Gensen ]x] - It really freaks them out. (remove x's) Also taunt them that disable creation of new accounts is our main aim.

4. Attack user: conservative - if he's online he'll probably respond. Make sure you refer to him as Ken (D*Myer) - it always annoys him and he'll write something like 'NO TRUE SCEPTIC KNOWS MY NAME'.

5. Post comments on 'User:JamesWilson', 'User:Jpatt', 'User talk:Karajou ' and of course 'User talk:Aschlafly'. You might not get a direct response but there may be a comment on the recent changes page when you're blocked.

6. Once blocked - create another account and use the reason for blocking or the last response as the headline for your next comment.

7. Have fun!!! Andy's email address is aschlafly@aol

8. Feel free to copy and paste these instructions! It totally freaks them out!

Happy holidays to all our fans! – and always check recent changes to see what we’ve been up to.