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Professor Terence Stephenson in Measuring Up, a report on the nation's obesity crisis by the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges (AoMRC) called Britain "the fat man of Europe".[1][2][3] See: Godless Britain is the fat man of Europe and United Kingdom and obesity and Atheism and obesity

Energy Live News reported: "With 300% hikes in energy costs, UK bakeries are on the brink of insolvency, says new report. UK bakeries are feeling the heat from the red hot energy prices. A new report by finance experts Company Debt suggests in 2022, the average bakery energy bill has tripled. For a small bakery that could mean an energy cost of £4,500, up from £1,500, the authors of the report have estimated."[4]

The British atheist Stephen Fry, who appears to like eating birthday cakes and the sedentary activity of video gaming said, "I do enjoy video gaming... In the early days of games, I would spend hours. I mean literally. I would find it would be 4am and I would say God I have be at work at 6."[5] See also: Atheism and obesity and Irreligion, video game usage and obesity

A Eurobarometer poll in 2010 reported that 37% of UK citizens "believed there is a God", 33% believe there is "some sort of spirit or life force" and 25% answered "I don't believe there is any sort of spirit, God or life force".[6] See: British atheism

In 2014, The Telegraph reported:

The British are among the most sceptical in the world about religion, a global study has found.

Just over a third of people in the UK believe religion has a positive role to play in our daily lives, compared to a global average of 59 per cent.[7]

Britain is the birthplace of Darwinism. Since World War II a majority of the most prominent and vocal defenders of the evolutionary position which employs methodological naturalism have been atheists and agnostics.[8] See also: Evolutionists who have had problems with being overweight and/or obese

For additional information, please see: Atheism and sedentary lifestyles

God is smiting Britain. The godless land of fat, heavy drinkers!

See also: God is smiting Britain. The godless land of fat, heavy drinkers!

A thatched pub, the Williams Arms at Wrafton, near Braunton, North Devon, England. Click on the picture above and you will notice that the patrons of the pub are overweight. Britain is a land of godless, fat, heavy drinkers!

Please read: God is smiting Britain. The godless land of fat, heavy drinkers!

Big cake. Slim pope

President George W. Bush presents Pope Benedict XVI with a birthday cake

The danger of the genteel tasting of too much birthday cake

Paul Zung in his essay The Seven Deadly Sins: Gluttony wrote:

In 1781 John Wesley saw what was happening to the Methodist people. Newly rendered sober, industrious and thrifty by the power of the gospel, they had spare cash that they had never had when they were drunken and dissolute. They began to frequent – not the gin shops; that was behind them – the coffee shops where both coffee and tea were consumed. Coffee and tea, imported from halfway around the world, were enormously expensive in 18th Century England (far more expensive than liquor.) Soon the Methodist people were hob-nobbing with other social climbers; soon the Methodist people had a cultivated, refined taste for items they couldn’t have afforded when they were face-down in the gutter. They became preoccupied with what Wesley called “genteel tasting.” The men and women now infatuated with “genteel tasting”, Wesley noticed, gave up all sacrificial service on behalf of the suffering neighbour. They became increasingly self-important, snobs in other words. As they became more self-important, they became touchier, more readily affronted, quicker to take offence. As they became quicker to take offence they became more vindictive. The spiral down in one’s character, noted Wesley, begins with that genteel tasting born of social privilege, and it ends in cruel vindictiveness born of super-sensitive snooty touchiness. Wesley’s advice? His people should get out of the coffee shops and shed their snootiness.[9]

Work off that flab via the Protestant work ethic

Please read: Protestant work ethic

The Harvard University historian Niall Ferguson declared: "Through a mixture of hard work and thrift the Protestant societies of the North and West Atlantic achieved the most rapid economic growth in history."[10]

Protestant missionaries and economic/societal development statistics

See also: Protestant cultural legacies

The article "The Surprising Discovery About Those Colonialist, Proselytizing Missionaries" published in Christianity Today notes:

In his fifth year of graduate school, Woodberry created a statistical model that could test the connection between missionary work and the health of nations. He and a few research assistants spent two years coding data and refining their methods. They hoped to compute the lasting effect of missionaries, on average, worldwide...

One morning, in a windowless, dusty computer lab lit by fluorescent bulbs, Woodberry ran the first big test. After he finished prepping the statistical program on his computer, he clicked "Enter" and then leaned forward to read the results.

"I was shocked," says Woodberry. "It was like an atomic bomb. The impact of missions on global democracy was huge. I kept adding variables to the model—factors that people had been studying and writing about for the past 40 years—and they all got wiped out. It was amazing. I knew, then, I was on to something really important."

Woodberry already had historical proof that missionaries had educated women and the poor, promoted widespread printing, led nationalist movements that empowered ordinary citizens, and fueled other key elements of democracy. Now the statistics were backing it up: Missionaries weren't just part of the picture. They were central to it...

Areas where Protestant missionaries had a significant presence in the past are on average more economically developed today, with comparatively better health, lower infant mortality, lower corruption, greater literacy, higher educational attainment (especially for women), and more robust membership in nongovernmental associations.

In short: Want a blossoming democracy today? The solution is simple—if you have a time machine: Send a 19th-century missionary." a conference presentation in 2002, Woodberry got a break. In the room sat Charles Harper Jr., then a vice president at the John Templeton Foundation, which was actively funding research on religion and social change. (Its grant recipients have included Christianity Today.) Three years later, Woodberry received half a million dollars from the foundation's Spiritual Capital Project, hired almost 50 research assistants, and set up a huge database project at the University of Texas, where he had taken a position in the sociology department. The team spent years amassing more statistical data and doing more historical analyses, further confirming his theory.

...Woodberry's historical and statistical work has finally captured glowing attention. A summation of his 14 years of research—published in 2012 in the American Political Science Review, the discipline's top journal—has won four major awards, including the prestigious Luebbert Article Award for best article in comparative politics. Its startling title: "The Missionary Roots of Liberal Democracy."

...over a dozen studies have confirmed Woodberry's findings. The growing body of research is beginning to change the way scholars, aid workers, and economists think about democracy and development.[11]

Overweight Brits and the additional stress on British roadways is wreaking havoc. Rishi Sunak pleads with British atheists to eat less cows and eat more vegetables.

"British atheists, for the sake of British roadways, please eat less cows and eat more vegetables." - Rishi Sunak

For more information, please see: United Kingdom's road repair crisis

(Rishi Sunak did not actually say the above quote. It was a joke!)

See also: United Kingdom's road repair crisis

In 2013, the breakdown service Britannia Rescue reported that potholes now “take up a total area of 295 square miles (764 square km) in Britain – more than twice the size of the Isle of Wight”.[12]

The UK website Fife Today reported in on July 27, 2022 on United Kingdom's road repair crisis: "Over 1.5 million potholes were reported across the country, but the AA says the actual number is likely to be much higher as the figure does not include pothole on motorways and major roads, and many go unreported."[13]

In 2022, Sky News published a news article entitled Heatwave: Melting roads, buckling tracks, productivity loss - Britain needs to adapt to more soaring temperatures which indicated:

Britain isn't built for this heat.

Our rail network is only engineered for temperatures up to 30C (86F). Only half our strategic roads are surfaced in heat-resistant material...

Road repairs following the 2003 heatwave cost £41m; damage and delays on the railways cost another £2.5m.[14]

In 2018, it was reported that the United Kingdom's pothole epidemic could cost £9bn and a decade to solve.[15] In December 2018, it was reported that potholes recently increased by third to half a million in UK and there may be as many as 674,000 potholes in the UK.[16]

A 2016 UK Automobile Association study found that 32% of UK drivers have experienced vehicle damage caused by potholes in the last two years.[17]

In 2018, UK roads ranked were ranked 27th in the world which was a ranking below Chile and Cyprus.[18]

Britain's road repair crisis

The Week reported in 2018: "The AA’s insurance chief, Janet Connor, has described Britain’s broken roads as “nothing short of a national disgrace.”[19]

Britain's pothole crisis is costing drivers and insurance firms at least £1m per month.[20]

Attention British, militant atheists! Brace yourself for the mighty, religious wave that is coming

See: Attention British, militant atheists! Brace yourself for the mighty, religious wave that is coming

A mighty wave of religiosity is heading towards the UK.

For more information, please see: Attention British, militant atheists! Brace yourself for the mighty, religious wave that is coming

Conservapedia: The trustworthy, online encyclopedia that godless, British motorists trust when doing searches at Google UK

See: Conservapedia: The trustworthy, online encyclopedia that godless, British motorists trust when doing searches at Google UK

A side note about the UK and British

I have some British ancestry and have some admiration for some of the cultural achievements of the British. For example, I could point to Methodism, the book Pilgrim's Progress, the King James Bible, the works of C.S. Lewis, William Shakespeare's works, the Magna Carta, common law and the works of Charles Dickens.

And my dealings with the British have been very positive because as a whole as they are unfailing polite and have a sense of humor. Part of my work life involves dealing with British authors and/or filmmakers and the British still create some excellent works.

At the same time, post Charles Darwin Britain is less admirable in some ways than what came before it. And sometimes I needle British atheists, agnostics and evolutionists and/or people who are fans of such people, but I endeavor to do it in a good-natured way. For example, I wrote the essay: Does Richard Dawkins have machismo?.

The flag of the United Kingdom.
John Wesley was the founder of Methodism.
C.S. Lewis on the cover of Time magazine, September 8, 1947

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