Last modified on March 24, 2017, at 20:19

Essay: Hannity claims things about others

I have listened to the Sean Hannity show. On it he claims Obama is not doing what he should. And, what he should -- according to Hannity -- is what Hannity claims are conservative principles. Like other radio conservatives I've heard, he claims the government gets it's money from taxes. Basically, he wants less and less U.S. government. He also claims it is possible for a business to make a profit. If I'm remembering his opininions correctly. First, if there is less government, who would replace it? Businesses owned by foreign countries? Second, it is obviously not possible for a business to make a profit. Third, the idea of needing to earn a living is against freedom. Well, one thing his show does is warn us of the self-centered point of view of the rich. They want rich people to create the jobs and to own the businesses instead of everyone. Well, maybe we don't want jobs, unless we want them. Also, shouldn't the customers own the business? Obviously, there is no way to sell enough for capitalism to make the slightest sense, unless business, local government, and individuals were on welfare -- for in case they did not make it. To me Hannity seems like he would blame someone for homelessness insetad of giving the bums rent money. The only way to do so that I've thought of is to coin money. The alternative is to believe in the multiplier effect taught in college, which tax and spend is supposedly based on. If not spend and tax, then coin and spend. I'm tired of the broken record of "the government needs income and should not spend more than its income, which should be lower." The answer to that is Congress coins the money. And, inflation needs to be outlawed. Being a cheapskate to me and other poor people is not stopping inflation, because inflation is caused by interest on loans, which we don't qualify for anyhow. The poor need money from coining, I think, because the rich want to keep their summer home.