Essay: Liberals, demoralization, mental breakdowns and diversification

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The website Marketwatch reported concerning the aftermath of the 2016 presidential race: Trump’s win is causing a surge in demand for mental health services[1]

I am noticing more and more that liberals are demoralized and having mental breakdowns. I first reported on it via the articles: Secular leftists and psychogenic illness and Trump derangement syndrome and Liberal meltdown and desperation tactics: A look at the future.

Today, I just read in The Guardian that a homosexual had a mental breakdown because he was upset that more and more Church of England congregations were becoming more conservative in their theology and saw homosexuality as a sin (especially the charismatic Christian congregations).[2]

In the past, the left could just use violence/revolution to advance their agenda when they couldn't make a good case for it. But that is not going to work anymore given that the right-wing is increasingly willing to combat left wing violence using self-defensive methods when the police fail to do their duty (Donald Trump supporters are doing this). Besides, the French historian Ferdinand Braudel rightly points out that violent revolutions rarely achieve their objections.

I have a message for liberals. In the absence of becoming Bible believing Christians (which is the best solution to liberals' mental imbalances), liberals need to spend less time thinking about politics. Focus more on work so you are not so dependent on government programs/handouts. Do volunteer work for non-political non-profits. Spend more time with your non-political friends and take up some hobbies. You need to diversify your pursuits and not put so much time thinking about politics and/or engaging in political activities.

The 21st century is going to see religious conservatives have more and more political power due to their increasing numbers (see: Desecularization). So rather than work yourself into a tizzy about this, become a Bible believing Christian or at least spend less time thinking about politics.

What is the alternative? Fantasizing that Donald Trump will be assassinated despite the Secret Service stepping up their defenses post Ronald Reagan being shot? And last time I checked, Vice-President Mike Pence was an evangelical Christian and a conservative.

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