Essay: Liberals are pantywaists. They have a weak ideology. They will be defeated.

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Four pieces of evidence that liberals are pantywaists and will be defeated:

1. "Liberals worldwide seem to have concluded, with a collective sigh of relief, that Macron’s emphatic victory is a sign that the global “populist” wave has peaked, and that time is on their side. Such optimism is premature. The weakness of Macron’s appeal—and strength of Le Pen’s—among many young French voters is further evidence of a disquieting truth: In many parts of the world, the young may simply care less about liberal democratic values than they once did."[1]

2. The Next Generation of Americans (Gen Z) May Be the Most Conservative Since WWII.[2]

3. The ability to bounce back after many significant defeats is a key to long term victory. How emotionally resilient are liberals? Will they be able to withstand multiple big defeats over a period of years? In addition, the ability to: pull yourself together and understand why you were defeated; study the opposition and know thy enemy; and come up with a rational plan to eventually win is a key to long term victory.

4. Furthermore, not only do liberals have to come up with a long term term plan, but it has to be a workable long term plan. Long term, how economically viable is leftist ideology? Does the USA and most Western European countries have high and unsustainable levels debt? Does Japan have a huge and unsustainable amount of government debt? Is Venezuela one of the worst economies in the world? Was a very large part of the Soviet Union's collapse due to economic reasons? Will more and more young people sour on liberalism when the consequences of high government debt hit countries which supported liberalism? Do we liver in a global economy where a lower amount of government debt will be a competitive advantage for countries over the long term? Long term, will lack of economic growth due to high levels of governments force liberal governments to trim overly generous social programs loved by liberals?

To answers these questions please read this paper issued by the European Central Bank: The impact of high and growing level of government debt

I hope this clarifies matters.