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Before reading my challenge to atheist Penn Jillette, please first read Conservapedia's reply to atheist Penn Jillette or you will not understand the context of the events surrounding this debate challenge.

Without any further ado here is my challenge to atheist Penn Jillette:

I challenge Penn Jillette to a written debate. The debate will be between Penn Jillette and two atheists of his choosing and myself and two Christians of my choosing. I prefer written debates as I believe they offer the audience the maximum amount of information to render a decision.

I am considering asking the popular YouTube video maker Shockofgod to be one of the Christian debaters of my choosing. So below I offer a few suggestions to Penn Jillette - two of which relate to Shockofgod.

The subject of the debate will be: "Does God exist?". The content of the written debate will be offered to the public as public domain content.

Five suggestions to Penn Jillette

Texas is a very influential state in the United States when it comes to biology textbooks.[1] A supporter of Creation Ministries International with a large Christian YouTube audience (YouTube video producer Shockofgod) has declared he is going to aggressively promote the Question evolution! campaign in Texas.[2]

(graphic obtained from Wikimedia commons, username:Huebi , Title of picture:Map of USA with Texas highlighted, see: license agreement)

1. Please be ready to offer proof and evidence that atheism is true.[3]

2. Please be ready to answer the "15 questions that evolutionists cannot answer" which are featured in Creation Ministries International's Question evolution! campaign.

3. Consider reading Conservapedia's atheism article and the Conservepedia Christian apologetics article to better prepare you for the debate. You may find you want to change sides and debate on the Christian side of the aisle given the abundant evidence for Christianity and the lack of proof and evidence for atheism. In addition, please consider reading Creation Ministries International's atheism article which can be found here which is written by Mariano Grinbank as it offers quite a bit of information concerning atheism which you may be asked to address.

4. Please consider losing some weight. I certainly don't want you to claim you could have done better in the debate if your body and mental acumen had been operating at "full atheist power". I am giving you 150 days to shed your flabby physique and replace it with a "mean, lean, atheism debating machine". Given the "superior atheist intellect" which you no doubt possess, I am sure if you put your mind to it that you will be able to lose the weight. However, if you need more time, I can certainly accommodate you. I have put some helpful resources below which offers some of the best information from medical science, exercise science and nutritional science as I know that many atheists purport to love science. Plus, according to medical science, there are a number of health risks associated with being overweight which are cited in Conservapedia's Atheism and Mental and Physical Health article.

5. Although you might want Richard Dawkins to be a debate partner, please consider this information:

In a letter to fellow atheist and evolutionist Richard Dawkins which was subsequently quoted by The Daily Telegraph, fellow atheist Dr. Daniel Came wrote concerning Dawkins' refusal to debate the Christian apologist Dr. William Lane Craig:

"The absence of a debate with the foremost apologist for Christian theism is a glaring omission on your CV and is of course apt to be interpreted as cowardice on your part."[4]

I would encourage you to ask Richard Dawkins to be a debate partner, but please do not be disappointed if he declines as he often is reluctant to leave his "intellectual bunny hole".



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