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Essay: Penn Jillette, here is the evidence you claim you need to debate me

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I, User: Conservative, the issuer of the debate challenge, largely created Conservapedia's atheism article which is approximately 53 pages long and has over 300 footnotes. In addition, I largely created Conservapedia's evolution article which is approximately 45 pages and has over 300 footnotes.

Now that we have that cleared up, let the written debate of "Does God exist?" begin and I am giving you until November 20, 2011 to fully prepare mind and body for the debate so you are debating at "full atheist power" (please see: (see: Conservapedia's challenge to atheist Penn Jillette). Given the weakness of atheism, I strongly suspect at this point you will soon come up with another excuse on why you won't debate me. However, I don't believe this is the real issue and the paragraph below should settle this matter.