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Dear Ace McWicked,

It occurred to me that I did not explain certain matters sufficiently in relation to the 21st century desecularization of New Zealand that is expected by religion/irreligion demography scholars (see: Postsecularism and New Zealand in the 21st century).

A few points:

1. I argued that what is happening in Europe and most of the rest of the world will inevitably happen in New Zealand also.

Consider these facts:

In 2019, John Feffer wrote at the left leaning The Nation:

In the Americas, the Trump tsunami has swept across both continents and the 'pink tide' of progressivism has all but disappeared from the southern half of the hemisphere...

In this planet-wide rising tide of right-wing populism, the liberal left commands only a few disconnected islands — Iceland, Mexico, New Zealand, South Korea, Spain, Uruguay... Worse, crafty operators with even more ambitious agendas stand ready to destroy the liberal status quo once and for all."[1]

In September 2018, Pew Research indicated: "Due to the decline of the center-left across much of Western Europe and the comparative steadiness of the center-right, most Western European countries are led by center-right parties, as measured by the party of the prime minister or other head of government."[2] In June 2014, Forbes reported that it is undeniable that politically right wing parties are ascendant in Europe.[3]



See also

  1. Combating the New Right by John Feffer, The Nation, May 13, 2019
  2. Swedish election highlights decline of center-left parties across Western Europe by Kyle Taylor
  3. Europe's Deep Right-Wing Logic By Robert D. Kaplan