Essay: When a man has children, then you can support the homosexual agenda

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God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. This is the standard "rant", but apparently it's not standard enough, because nobody takes it seriously. The sin still continues, and the agenda behind the purveyors of this sin infiltrates elements of everyday life. The main homosexual argument is that they love each other and that makes it all savvy. Well, unfortunately, in this world, men "love" in a carnal nature, all sorts of people,animals, and objects, perversion is a fact of life, it does not mean that we legitimate it in society. The serial killer, loves killing, should we legitimate it?. Of course the sinner loves the sin, otherwise there would be no sin committed. The next standard homosexual argument is that it is a genetic thing. If homosexuality is genetic then it should logically mean that homosexuals are genetically geared towards procreation, a biological design to produce a family unit. Wait, no. This is not the case. Homosexual families are more than 95% more likely to suffer from abuse, beak-ups, and all sorts of disturbing domestic issues than heterosexual family units. Can we as Christians,and conservatives, logically or morally allow these deviants to marry and form legitimate family units? If a man wanted to marry his daughter or sister, would they allow that? No!. Marriage, the family unit, is designed for the procreation of children, the raising of human beings, and biologically and biblically it's pictures as the unity of one man and one woman. A homosexual union can not achieve these things, its an impossibility, even with adoption, studies have shown that the child will more than likely turn out to be a homosexual, giving credence to the correct view of homosexuality as an environmental phenomenon than a genetic.