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The Libyan War and Syrian War, the legacies of President Barack Hussein Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton's failed "Arab Spring" foreign policy[1] — which according to their own public pronouncements was supposed to overthrow corrupt secular dictators and establish democracies by arming and assisting anti-democratic Islamists[2] — resulted in attacks on homosexuals and women, mass beheadings, wholesale slaughter,[3] and a tsunami in excess of 6 million homeless migrants, refugees, asylum seekers, and jihadis invading Europe.[4]

European Union map, as of 2017.

Marine Le Pen, an immigration reform advocate, was first runner-up in the April 2017 elections in France. The disastrous "open borders" policy of German incumbent Angela Merkel earned her the title, 'Mother Terroresia', among critics and voters in Germany's upcoming September elections. Many of 'Merkel's Muslims' wanted for crimes in Germany have fled to neighboring countries.

Without consulting voters, the globalists of the European Union have encouraged unrestricted mass migration into Europe from war-torn and impoverished Islamic Republics. A "replacement population," according to liberals, will sustain the welfare state without cutting government spending in the face of declining fertility rates among the native populations. Rape has become prevelent, and Europe's social democratic government's concern for the safety of women and children has been lacking. The Swedish government has not made crime statistics available to the public since 2014 when it was reported that murders committed by foreign immigrants occurred at a rate 400% greater than native Swedes and rapes committed by foreign migrants 550% greater. Additionally, reductions in carbon emissions and efforts to combat global warming have been used by leftists to justify Third World immigration.

Many Muslim migrants have been unwilling to adapt to European culture and customs and have thus created much social upheaval as they demand that society change to accommodate them. For example, the wearing of the hijab to prevent rape, or women leaving their homes and going out in public unescorted by a male.[5][6][7][8] Some refugees have committed major acts of terror with now over 400 dead in mass killings. The vast majority of terrorists in European countries have immigrated from the same Islamic Republics on President Trump's travel ban list.

An organized clampdown in reporting is even worse than what has been experienced in the United States. European police reports and public statements of politicians often deny what many Europeans experience in everyday life.[9][10][11][12] Hate speech legislation has been used, and political correctness to censor and intimidate critics, even when material facts about Islamic lawlessness are apparent. Liberal elitist rulers have turned a blind eye to the problem and have proposed even more extreme unification policies.[13] These issues are of concern to Americans as to what may constitute the future demographic make up of European NATO troops in less than a generation, and where their loyalties and priorities lay in regards to NATO's stated mission, as well as the combat skills and training given to NATO troops.

Post-Obama/Arab Spring Europe

Barack Obama bowing to King Abdullah, Custodian of the Islamic Holy Places - April 2009.

In the hope and optimism at the close of the Cold War, which some naively labeled "the end of history", former Carter administration adviser Samuel P. Huntington wrote in his book, Clash of Civilizations, that wars in the coming millennium would not be fought between ideologies like capitalism and communism, but between civilizations, and that Islamic terrorism would be the biggest threat to Western civilization. Huntington wrote,

"Islam's borders are bloody and so are its innards."

When the 9/11 attacks first occurred, Huntington was hailed as a prophet by some. But the US State Department was quick to tamp down the phrase mindful of the futility of winning a "clash of civilizations" against one quarter of the planet. The Bush administration spent the next eight years isolating Islamic extremism, defined as a minority of Muslim males, 12 to 28 years old, susceptible to radicalization and recruitment to perform suicide attacks.

The leader of al Qaeda, Ayman Zawahiri. Zawahiri's uncle was the leading candidate for Caliph at the 1926 Caliphate Conference in Cairo which failed to pick a successor and reestablish the Caliphate.

When Barack Hussein Obama became president he spent the next eight years denying Islamic extremism existed.

Meanwhile, Ayman Zawahiri, the leader of al Qaeda, gave an interview in 2005 to Der Spiegel magazine outlining the global jihad:[14]

  • 2000 – 2003 “The Awakening Phase” in which the West will be provoked (via 9/11) unto war with the Islamic world.[15]
  • 2004 – 2006 “The Opening Eyes Phase” in which jihad would become a social movement and experience a huge recruitment drive. The Iraq insurgency became the operational center for a burgeoning army of foreign jihadis.
  • 2007 – 2010 “The Arising and Standing Up Phase” which will focus on destabilizing Syria, Turkey, Jordan and Israel. 'Destabilizing' is also known as 'vexation operations'.
  • 2010 – 2013 “The Unification Phase” which will be aimed at the collapse of the 'near enemy', the Middle Eastern secular regimes. This phase was referred to by Western media, the US State Department, and the Obama White House as the Arab Spring.
  • 2013 – 2016 “The Caliphate Rising Phase” a new Caliphate will be declared. This phase was carried out on June 29, 2014 by a group formerly known as al-Qaeda in Iraq, elbowing Zawahiri aside, who was in faraway Pakistan, for the top job of Caliph.
  • 2016 – 2018 “The Total Confrontation Phase” in which the empowered Caliphate will use its Islamic Army to fight the unbelievers. (See Rape jihad for one aspect of Islamification).
  • 2018 – 2020 “The Definitive Victory Phase” in which Zawahiri claimed the world of “unbelievers” will be defeated after a two year war by a unified Muslim army of 1.5 billion men.

With the misfortunes facing ISIS in the face of a Putin-Trump agreement to put a stop to the butchery and lawlessness President Obama allowed to flower, al Qaeda once again is on the rise.

Migrants, asylum seekers, and refugees

Nobel Peace Prize winner Nelson Mandela greets Muammar Gaddafi, an ally during the Bush administration's 'War on Terror.' Hillary Clinton engineered Gaddafi's ghastly murder during the Unification/Arab Spring phase. At Clinton's insistence, President Obama ordered support for the jihadi rebels who then migrated to Syria to form ISIS.[16] Gaddafi warned he was the only thing standing in the way of a full-fledged Islamic movement into Europe.[17]
  • A migrant typically is a person who leaves their home country and crosses borders, legally or illegally, in search of economic opportunity or betterment.
  • An asylum seeker is a special class of person who lived under a government the host country considers a human rights violator. The asylum seeker must claim a credible fear of political oppression and persecution from the government of his home country should he be returned. Ironically, the United Kingdom has been granting political asylum to Syrian jihadis and members of the Muslim Brotherhood for decades,[18][19] groups that the governments of Russia, Egypt, and others have designated as terrorist organizations.[20]
  • Refugees generally are people forced from their homes due to the violence of war. Typically, as a humanitarian gesture, a host country may ease limitations and allow refugees to enter on either a temporary or permanent basis. Most illegal migrants currently entering Europe are claiming refugee status from the Syrian war, although many come from North and Central Africa, throughout the Middle East region, and as far away as Pakistan and Afghanistan. Some 80% of migrants, asylum seekers, and refugees lack documentation of their country of origin.[21]

Points of entry

The EU's unified border patrol (FRONTEX) has been overwhelmed by the number of people attempting to enter. Border violence at entry points is increasing. To prevent organized 'push backs', FRONTEX picks up African boat refugees and brings them to Europe for processing. Even when an illegal migrant is caught and denied entry, the migrant typically will return and continue attempting illegal entry until they are successful. In 2016 the border guards caught 1.8 million attempts at illegal entry, six times more than the previous high in 2014.[22]

Hillary Clinton at the apex of her career, late 2011. Clinton was instrumental in engineering the Libyan and Syrian Civil Wars. Julian Assange says the reason behind her desire to overthrow Gaddafi was her ambition to be president.[23][24]

After Gaddafi's fall, the jihadis she armed and assisted migrated from Libya to Syria and helped found the Islamic State. [25][26] At least 6.7 million refugees and migrants, predominantly male from all over the Islamic world have since invaded Europe,[27][28][29] coming through Libya and Syria.[30]

The sexual assault of women, children, and girls is now commonplace.[31] In several countries police have refused descriptions of attackers because of hate crime legislation.[32] Leftists globally seem unconcerned about the lawlessness.[33]

There have been primarily four entry points heavily used by migrants, although other peripheral points exist: (1) Morocco via Spain; (2) post-Gaddafi Libya to Italy and neighboring Mediterranean shores; (3) Western Balkan route through Greece, Macedonia, Albania, Kosovo, Serbia, and Hungary; (4) Eastern Mediterranean through Turkey. Handbooks printed in Arabic and funded by a Soros-affiliated group have been found to help migrants shop for the best social welfare state offering the most benefits for them and their families.[34][35]

The American Interest website declares:

Securing Europe’s vast land and sea borders—a task greater than that faced by the United States along its border with Mexico—is proving exceptionally challenging for the European Union (EU)....

Traffickers use small boats to reduce the chances of being picked up by patrol boats’ radars; migrants are often dropped off on stretches of inaccessible coastline, or left to drift ashore. In the case of illegal land crossings, small trucks are used to penetrate the most porous parts of eastern or southern Europe’s borders. Penalties for this are low or non-existent all around Europe, and traffickers are rarely caught anyway. Smuggling people across Europe has become easier and more profitable than any other criminal activity, including drug smuggling.[36]

The Schengen Area

The Schengen Area has its roots in the Schengen Agreement, signed in 1985 in the town of Schengen in Luxembourg.[37] The agreement took effect in 1995.[37] 22 of the 28 EU members are party to the agreement. The Area is not synonymous with the EU: some EU members are not part of the agreement and some non-EU members are part of the agreement.[37] The agreement removes all internal borders in the member states, so someone can travel across its member states with no passport or border security.[37] The Schengen Area is basically one country in this sense, even though its member states are nominally independent.[38]

During the refugee crisis in 2015 and 2016, Austria, Denmark, Germany, Norway, and Poland re-established some border controls.[39][40] In early 2017, Belgium, France, and the Netherlands, agreed to reinstate passenger lists and passport checks on trains travelling between the respective countries.[41]

Social engineering

The migrant influx is changing European social norms, especially in relation to women and women's rights.

In 2013 Eurostat forecasted that without migrants, Europe's population would decline 100 million by 2080. In roughly 65 years, Eurostat claimed that twenty percent of Europe's population would disappear. By 2080, in Germany, 80 million people today would become 50 million. In Spain, 46.4 million people would become 30 million. In Italy, 60 million would decline to 39 million. Without consulting the voters, European liberal elites and leaders figured a new population of taxpayers could help save their healthcare and retirement systems, so they flung open the borders. The EU took the risk of transforming more or less homogenous nation-states into multicultural societies. No thought or expectation however, was given by the liberal leaders to integrating newcomers into the host society culture. If the migrants wished to hold onto their Muslim identity, rejecting the sovereign laws of the state and swearing by Allah, and raising their children to do the same, that was fine with them. And a Muslim cannot reject his Muslim identity without fear of death at the hands of other Muslims.

A Muslim is barred by his system of governance from taking an oath of citizenship to a state. Albeit, a Muslim can deceive a non-Muslim in an important matter or issue involving life and death (such as renouncing Islam) without sinning. Islam claims that Allah alone is sovereign, and he does not share power with Jesus or any government of man other than Islam. It would be fallacious to describe Islam as a "race" or a "religion", as it is a political system of social governance with exclusively male judges to execute rulings on civil and criminal matters, based on law and precedent. There really are no grey areas over how adherents of Islam fit into the sphere of identity politics, easily discernible to all, other than the willful ignorance of liberalism.

In many irreligious European countries, there is a sub-replacement level of births which is expected to cause challenges to their pension systems and labor supplies (see: Atheism and fertility rates). As irreligious populations rise in age, the fertility rates of these countries could drop further. The Rand Corporation indicates, "Nearly all European nations are experiencing long-term downtrends in fertility, and consequently, ageing of their populations. These demographic trends could have potentially damaging consequences for European economies."[42]

Germany currently has one of the lowest birthrates in the world. The German government has been addressing the problem by taxing ethnic Germans so heavily they cannot afford to have children and importing millions of Muslim males from abroad.

European prisons

Because the Islamic criminal justice system traditionally uses slavery, dismemberment, and beheadings to enforce its laws or act as a deterrent, and with the further foundational precept that adherents of Islam do not pay taxes to support prisons or a criminal justice system, the European system of incarceration is proving more than inadequate to deal with violent and criminal acts performed by Muslims.

The prisons have become schools of more concentrated advanced learning in the doctrines of Islamic governance, where non-Muslims by intimidation are forced to convert to Islam to survive.[43][44][45] Even prison officials, staff, and guards have not been immune to the threats, coercive activity, or political correctness.[46]

When a Muslim is released from custody, it is interpreted by the ex-prisoner as an admission of guilt by the state for the injustice of holding them under man-made law, and an exoneration of the crimes they were accused of. If they were truly guilty of the crimes they were accused of, they would have been beheaded or whatever shariah and the hadith proscribe. In being released from detention, it is claimed that Allah has delivered them from the hands of the "infidels".

Liberal European denialism

See also: Liberal denial

Mass immigration to Europe from the Middle East has brought an increased threat and the greater occurrence of terrorism. Yet, European leaders deny the threat of Islamic terrorism, and terrorist attacks have shown how poorly prepared and secured their countries and facilities are.[47] When attacks occur, the leaders often state that they "are a part of daily life", and they refuse to admit that the motive of the terrorists is Islamic radicalism.[47] This is likely due to political correctness and the blindness that comes with liberalism and support for a one-world government.


From Reunification in 1990 until 2010 the German population stagnated at 78 million. There remains 11 deaths for every 9 live births. Growth forecasts have been dire.[48] Homosexuality and abortion are often cited as the underlying cause of a once strong nation, with a 2000-year history, not replacing itself and now fading into oblivion. But the Germans and German government policy have become thoroughly Americanized, adopting an open border policy in 2005 hoping to reverse the trend of a shrinking population. Germany has become the melting pot of Europe with 1 in 5 Germans today born elsewhere. Germany is the second target country, behind the United States, of refugees, asylum seekers, and migrants. By far, the majority of immigrants to Germany come from other European countries. Kurds from Turkey count for 6 in 10 Muslim immigrants, with a few more coming from Kosovo and Albania.

The disastrous foreign policy of Obama and Hillary Clinton,[49][50] fomenting strife and revolution in the Syrian and Libyan Wars,[51] has impacted German immigration in numbers more than any other European power since late 2014.[52] More than 2.5 million refugees and migrants have flooded into Germany from outside Europe, migrants who do not share a common European heritage with their host country. In 2015 alone, Germany was invaded by nearly one million non-Western immigrants,[53] more than double the size of Germany's standing and reserve military force.

Some migrants from Islamic Republics have embraced Western secularism and the Western idea of a secular civil government and legal system; these migrants however, tend to be few,[54] as it is considered unlawful for an adherent of Islam to recognize any legal authority other than Allah.[55] To do so, under the laws of Islam, is a serious crime and is punishable by death.[56]

In mid-2016, the German government deployed an additional 90 border guards and 40 police officers in order to reduce the level of illegal immigration passing through Switzerland.[57][58] It also instituted border controls in preparation for the G20 summit, showing Liberal hypocrisy in the fact that the only time when border controls were instituted were when international leader came into the country.[59]

The ignorant are proselytized

In recent decades Salafism has become the dominant mainstream thought among adherents of Sunni Islam of the Middle East and North Africa.[60] These regions, along with Central Africa, are the countries of origin of most of the Muslims who have entered Europe and Germany since the Obama regime's failed "Arab Spring" uprisings which have left in excess of 300,000 dead and at least 11 million homeless and displaced globally.[61][62][63][64][65][66][67] Salafism rejects democracy as disobedient to Allah and idolatrous, and advocates a civil regime under shariah law.[68] A Muslim who migrates for economic opportunity or to escape tyranny (in the Western sense of the word) is a traitor to Islam. He is deemed a radical and worse than an infidel to Sunni-Salafi society; he has betrayed his nation and his people (takfir). Those bringing shariah law to non-Muslim lands - the dominant mainstream legal system among Sunnis - are on a "civilizing" mission to the "ignorant" (jahiliyyah) disbelieving "infidels".[69][70]

Once a devout Muslim finds a secure area to pray five times daily (the Second Pillar of Islam), that area encompassing a few cubic feet becomes part of the "sacred realm" of Islam (which does not recognize national borders), under the law and teachings of Islam.[71] According to Islam, it becomes territory held by "legal authority", to be defended against retaking by "infidels".

Alternative for Germany

Main article: Alternative for Germany

The Alternative for Germany (AfD), was founded in 2013 by economics professor Bernd Lucke.[72] Although the party was relatively conservative and Eurosceptic (it mainly opposed the Eurozone[73]), it was a neo-liberal party that attracted middle class opponents of the Eurozone.[72] The party made several gains during this time, with seven AfD members being elected to the European Parliament in 2014.[73]

A power struggle within the party soon broke out, with Lucke, who wanted the party to focus on an anti-Euro policy, being opposed by Frauke Petry and her conservative, right-wing faction that emphasized law and order, immigration reductions, conservative social views, and opposition to Islam.[72] In the AfD party elections of July 2015, Petry won 68 percent of the vote, becoming the new leader of the party.[72] The liberal Lucke subsequently left the party and formed his own.[73] Additionally, five of the party's seven MEP's left the party.[73] The AfD quickly adopted Petry's conservative, right-wing populist agenda, even though it still supported holding a referendum over the Eurozone.[73][74]

Under Petry's leadership, the AfD continued to grow dramatically, winning numerous seats in state parliaments.[74][75][76] The AfD formed an alliance with the Freedom Party of Austria in 2016 due to their shared Eurosceptic views.[77] Immigration is a very large issue in the party.

While the AfD was unable to gain any seats in the German national parliament in the 2013 election, it is in a strong position for the 2017 elections.


In October 732 AD, Charles Martel defeated the Muslim armies in the Battle of Tours. This Frankish victory secured Christian Europe's ability to develop without the influence or fear of Islam. For about 1,200 years after the battle, Europe, although facing numerous wars and conflicts, never had the very fabric of its society threatened by invaders (with the possible exception of the 1683 Siege of Vienna; see the "Austria" section below). However, beginning around the independence of its colony of Algeria in 1962, the number of Muslims in France has dramatically increased. Although a united European front opposed Islam in 732, a sizable French minority supported the influx of peoples who did not share French or European values.

France has a long history of interaction with Islam. From 1837 until 1962 Algeria and much of North West Africa were administered as a French colonial province. For this reason alone, France was elevated to one of the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council in 1945 due to France's historic experience in dealing with predominantly Islamic populations.

But tensions between France and the Islamic world run deep. Arab Muslims to this day refer to the Crusaders of nearly a millennia ago as "Franks," regardless of whatever part of Europe they originated. The first fatwa issued by the Islamic State singled out particularly the "filthy French":[78]

Strike their police, security, and intelligence members. If you can kill a disbelieving American or European – especially the spiteful and filthy French – or an Australian, or a Canadian, or any other disbeliever from the disbelievers waging war against the Islamic State, then rely upon Allah, and kill him in any manner or way however it may be.
Polling data 6 weeks prior to the April 2017 French elections.

The French immigration model was largely developed to assimilate people at the close of the colonial era in the 1960s and paralleled somewhat the United States model. Immigrants were expected to abandon the culture of their place of origin, adopt French secularism and language, and fully assimilate. In the 21st century, with the mass arrival of Muslims who self-segregate, refuse French customs, and insist upon religious practices in public schools (daily prayers and coverings for females), social tensions have mounted. Many French feel immigrant demands are a threat to their republican form of government.

In 2017, a French National Front official was fined for "inciting hatred" by noting the massive increase of Muslim children in certain French schools and stating those levels were too high.[79][80]

Numerous terrorist attacks have occurred in France, including the Charlie Hebdo shooting leaving 12 people killed,[81] the November Paris attacks with 130 innocents killed,[82] and an attack in Nice in July 2016 leaving about 80 killed.[83]

National Front

Main articles: French National Front and Marine Le Pen

The French National Front, which although sharing characteristics with conservative parties is not a real conservative party, nonetheless strongly opposes membership in the socialist and globalist EU.

In recent years, the party has seen much success. One of its more notable victories was its exceptional performance in the 2014 European Parliament elections, where it became the largest party in the parliament that represented France.[84][85]

First round results of the French presidential election. Departments won by Le Pen are shaded dark blue.

National Front leader Marine Le Pen is a candidate for the 2017 French presidential election, in which the EU was a "hot-button issue."[86] United States President Donald Trump called her the strongest of the presidential candidates, particularly on borders and security.[87] British politician and radio talk show host Nigel Farage endorsed Le Pen.[88] By contrast, former U.S. President Barack Obama spoke with pro-EU candidate Emmanuel Macron,[89] who stated that terrorism would be "part of our daily lives for the years to come."[90] After the first round, Obama explicitly endorsed Macron's candidacy.[91]

Left-wing opponents of Le Pen stated that even before the election, Le Pen made a large impact, shifting the political debate in France to the right.[92]

Le Pen received second place in the first round of the election on April 23 with over 21% of the vote, meaning she advanced to the second round to face Macron.[93][94][95]

Le Pen chose conservative nationalist Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, the president of the political party France Arise, to be her prime minister if elected.[96][97]

Although Le Pen lost the election with just under 34% of the vote, the election was a victory for her in a sense as it showed that she, her party, and their ideas had entered and were influencing the French mainstream.[98] Soon after the election, it was revealed that even if Le Pen had won, the liberal elite in France would have taken steps to keep her from actually welding power.[99]

United Kingdom

For more information on how the EU is affecting Britain, see Examples of EU regulations on Britain

Immigration to the United Kingdom rose to 333,000 in 2015, which was the second highest recorded number in history.[100] According to 2014 data, over half of all immigrants came from outside the EU.[101]

UK Prime Minister David Cameron, who, despite being a member of the Conservative Party, held several leftist positions, pledged to reduce immigration to under 100,000 annually. Despite this pledge, immigration soared during his tenure to even higher levels than when he first took office.[102]

Immigration played a very influential role in the successful Brexit referendum on June 23, 2016,[103][104] along with other very important and related factors such as sovereignty and backlash against the leftist establishment elites who support large levels of immigration.[105]

Islamic law and education in the UK

Since 1982 the United Kingdom has allowed the operation of the Islamic Sharia Council. Its stated mission is to offer advice in marital, divorce, custody disputes, domestic abuse, inheritance and Islamic family life. Supposedly its operation would relieve British courts of case overloads and costs. The Council has been criticized for issuing advice and non-binding rulings unfair to women.

Underground Sharia courts also are operating in the UK. Civil marriages still must be dissolved in British courts, but many marriages between Muslims are "off the books" and sanctioned by Sharia courts. Author Martin Sixsmith has uncovered at least one case where a Sharia court in Lancashire handed down a death sentence for a broken marriage contract and allegations of adultery which resulted in an honor killing.

Diversity, tolerance, and multiculturalism is best portrayed through marketing of the Hijarbi.

Sharia vigilantes, in the guise of "Sharia patrols" in Islamic neighborhoods have harassed and beaten Muslims and non-Muslims alike.[106] Typical victims are couples kissing in public, homosexuals, women without the hijab, and people consuming alcohol.

In late 2015 the British government began to take steps to investigate "unregistered" madrassas. There are about 2000 such schools in the UK. Reports of squalid conditions, beatings, abuse, radicalization, the teaching of intolerance, anti-Semitism, and extremism have circulated for years. In 2013 an 18-year-old Islamic man received a suspended sentence and no jail time in the UK for the rape of a 13-year-old girl, his claimed defense being his "religious education", which taught him women were "worthless".[107]

In 2005 a Somali Islamic immigrant won a deportation appeal after conviction for two rapes. His attorney claimed the offender "did not understand what is acceptable in UK". After being allowed to remain in the country, in 2014 he was convicted of two more rapes.[108]

A Freedom of Information request to the London Metropolitan police in 2017 discovered there were 1500 acid attacks in London since 2011, with 431 — more than one a day — occurring in 2016.[109] In the Islamic world, of which London is now part, traditional European-style policing to uphold a community's laws is thought to be an invention of man-made laws and corrupt rulers, rather than Allah. Any Muslim can deem it their duty to uphold Allah's will, hence acid attacks by strangers, acquaintances, women's sharia groups, or co-workers are not uncommon against unveiled women, causing permanent disfiguration.

UK Independence Party

Main articles: United Kingdom Independence Party, Nigel Farage, and Brexit

The United Kingdom Independence Party, founded in 1993, supports leaving the EU as its main goal. The party and its former leader Nigel Farage, also are strong opponents of mass migration.[110]

The party has performed very well in recent elections for a third party. In the 2014 European Parliament elections, UKIP, like Eurosceptic parties across Europe, won a massive victory, becoming the largest UK party in the European Parliament and receiving more seats than the two main parties.[111][112][113]

Former UKIP leader Nigel Farage is arguably the most successful British politician of the modern age for successfully advocating and then winning a referendum for leaving the EU.[114] He noted in 2017 that Conservative Party Prime Minister Theresa May had adopted exactly the same political positions as he had a few years earlier.[115]

UK Conservative Party

Main article: Conservative Party

Prime Minister David Cameron failed to reduce immigration to the UK and saw an immigration increase,[102] and he describes himself as "pro globalisation, pro immigration, pro market economics."[116] He made the decision to hold the Brexit referendum[116] and opposed the UK leaving the EU.[117] He resigned immediately after the referendum did not go his way.[117]

As noted above, the Conservative Party shifted its public stances after the Brexit vote, adopting stances on Europe and immigration more similar to UKIP.[115][118] This could be seen in the 2017 Conservative Party campaign manifesto, under Prime Minister Theresa May, which adopted some of UKIP's EU and immigration policies.[119][120] Because of this shift, the Conservative Party absorbed many UKIP voters.[121] However, at the same time, the manifesto contained several worrisome pledges for conservatives and proponents of Brexit.[122] Noting the Conservative Party's past failures to reduce immigration in the recent past, Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne wrote an editorial at the time of the manifesto's release in May 2017 that the Conservative Party leadership opposed and never intended to keep its immigration reduction promises.[123]


Dutch Moroccans have been migrating to the Netherlands since the 1960s and have effectively taken over the illegal drug and human trafficking business.[124] While it is important to note most Dutch Moroccans have integrated seemlessly into society and are respected economic contributors, the recent influx of non-European migrants have increased pressures among the public and politicians to do something about the criminal enterprises operating in their midst.

The Moroccan street thugs are known for their anti-black and anti-Semitic racism.[125][126] Moroccan street gangbangers have also been known to stalk, harass, or assault non-Muslim girls caught alone in public areas.[127] According to the Netherlands Institute for Social Research, a government agency which conducts research into social aspects of government policy, 65% of all Moroccan male youths between 12–23 years of age have been detained by police at least once, one third of this group has been detained five or more times, and Moroccan criminals are convicted four times more than Dutch suspects.[128] Because a disproportionate share of Moroccan youth feel alienated from Dutch society and turn to crime, local imams suggest young people must be caught early and turned to the Islamic faith.[129] Such is the nature of the debate raging today about immigration and integration of migrants in the Netherlands.

As in Sweden, the ruling faction has taken to violating basic human rights and guarantees of free speech for Members of Parliament and their constituents and the misapplication of hate speech laws for persons who advocate immigration reform.[130]

On April 6, 2016, Dutch voters overwhelmingly rejected a referendum that would have approved an EU association agreement with Ukraine, with over 60% of the population voting against.[131]

Immigration was the main issue that derailed government coalition negotiations between the establishment and left-wing parties after the March 2017 general election.[132]

Party for Freedom

Main articles: Party for Freedom and Geert Wilders

The Party for Freedom (Partij voor de Vrijheid or PVV) is a conservative political party. It currently occupies 15 seats in the Lower House (Tweede Kamer) of the Dutch Parliament.

The leader of the PVV is Geert Wilders. The other members are Fleur Agema, Raymond de Roon, Hero Brinkman, Martin Bosma, Barry Madlener, Teun van Dijck, Sietse Fritsma, Dion Graus[133]

The party aims to stop immigration, lower taxes, create stricter laws against criminals and terrorists and create basic laws for animal rights.[134]

Because of his outspoken views on Islam, PVV leader Wilders is under 24-7 police protection: In November 2004, "a Muslim fanatic murdered Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh for making a movie about the abuse of women under Islam".[135]

In the 2017 elections, although the PVV did not achieve a massive victory as hoped, it saw a rise in votes at the same time when establishment parties either declined or collapsed.[136] Establishment "conservative" [in-name-only] Prime Minister Mark Rutte[137] and several political parties did shift their stances to the political Right in order to attract voters who would otherwise have supported Wilders.[138] Rutte's diplomatic battle with Turkey just before the election served as an example of this.[138][139]


Brussels, capital of Belgium, is also the de facto capital of the European Union and Headquarters of the NATO alliance. It is also the center of European Islamic jihadism.

There are approximate!y 900,000 persons in Belgium who identify with the Islamic system of governance.

Under Belgian law, a "recognized" religion may qualify for a state stipend for clergy.

Vlaams Belang

Main article: Vlaams Belang

Vlaams Belang (English: Flemish Interest) is a conservative Flemish nationalist political party in Flanders and Brussels (Belgium). The party also aims to stop immigration and create stricter laws against criminals and terrorists. Tom Van Grieken is since 2014 the leader (president) of Vlaams Belang.


Italy has experienced large amounts of illegal immigration by boat from North Africa. Between the beginning of 2017 until about mid-March of that year, over 16,000 illegal immigrants entered Italy through that route.[140] Compared to 2016 levels, illegal immigration to Italy grew by 30%.[141]

Despite the support of the Italian and European elite for abolishing borders, and despite their inability to control illegal immigration, they enacted strong border controls during the G7 summit in Sicily when several world leaders traveled to the island.[142]

Lega Nord

Brothers of Italy – National Alliance

5 Star Movement

The 5 Star Movement (M5S) was founded in 2009 by comedian Beppe Grillo and is considered Eurosceptic. The party has been supportive of the foreign policy of Vladimir Putin and Russian intervention in the Syrian Civil War. The party is well-positioned to play a leading role in the next Italian parliamentary elections, slated for no later than May 2018, and they have been performing well in the polls.[143][144]

Despite their successes, the M5S performed poorly in Italy's 2017 mayoral elections.[145][146] However, the year earlier, they captured the mayorship of Rome.[147]


Spain saw 700,000 migrants in 2005; 840,000 in 2006; almost a million in 2007 and then a slow decrease to 300,000 a year up to 2014.


Because of Greece's amorphous island borders, it has always been virtually impossible to prevent illegal entry and smuggling from Africa or Asia into Europe. In the contemporary setting, Greeks have not been particularly welcoming of immigrants who seem hostile or threatening to traditional Greek and European customs and culture. Because of the difficulty in preventing entry, the Greeks have become somewhat more tolerant so long as migrants pass through to other destinations such as Germany or Sweden, where the leftist open border policies welcome invasion by foreigners.

Golden Dawn

The flag of Golden Dawn.

Golden Dawn sits as a minority opposition party in the Greek parliament. It has been described as ultra-nationalist and Eurosceptic. Critics have labeled it, with some justification in this specific case, as "neo-fascist."

People alleged to be associated with Golden Dawn have been accused of perpetuating acts of violence against migrants who linger behind and refuse to migrate north to Austria, Germany, or elsewhere where migrants are more welcome, and cash benefits, housing, and free healthcare are available. Greece's sovereign debt crisis has made it more difficult to be as generous with social security and welfare state benefits to its own citizens, let alone literally, millions, of non-citizen Muslim migrants, to say nothing of employment available for people without job and language skills in a society already struggling with 25% unemployment.


A sample of the pseudoscience Swedish policymakers use to fashion immigration law. Imitating public debates over the national debt and Tax Freedom Day, "scientists" have invented the "ecological debt" and "Ecological Debt Day" to influence social, political, and economic public policy. To head off the imminent doomsday "global warming" scenario, and a declining fertility rate, immigration from the lawless Third World is promoted. Source: World Wildlife Fund

Changing population demographics in Sweden, as elsewhere, have important immediate considerations not only for the educational system and government budgets domestically, but for the future composition of the NATO alliance, strategic planning and defense needs, and NATO's purpose internationally. A May 2017 study on Swedish people found that ethnic diversity leads to strife among the different groups.[148] Additionally, the Sweden-based Institute of Media Studies found that 54% of Swedes believed the mainstream media did not tell the truth regarding the problems of immigration, with 27% disagreeing.[149]

Social innovation of the ecosystem

As comical, conspiratorial, and insane as it seems, Sweden's elite rulers have made the decision, and taken concrete steps as the model social democratic state, to reduce the nation's carbon footprint by turning their country into a Third World hellhole.[150] The technical term for this project is "social ecological transformation,"[151] which is part of the anti-consumption "degrowth" movement to promote "sustainability" and limit "resource depletion".[152] Swedish leaders and experts have been in a panic since the World Wildlife Fund issued a report which claims that since 1987, at the current rate of consumption, 1.3 planets would be necessary for sustainability, and recommended Sweden adopt an immediate 3% annual reduction over 10 years to reduce carbon emissions 30%. In 2008 the World Wildlife Fund experts claimed we would need 2.0 planets to sustain lifestyles "if everyone lived as Swedes do." A "one planet economy" is the goal.[153][154] The projections are based on a zero sum paradigm with no allowance for future unknown variables, inventions, technological improvement, or innovation in economic and energy efficiency.

Population replacement

The United Nations has advocated a scheme known as "replacement migration" or "population replacement" theoretically to avoid declining government revenues for member states with aging and shrinking populations, and consequent budget cuts and the lay off of government workers. Statistical variations in employment and unemployment rates can also be manipulated.[155] The idea is to maintain a government's revenue at a zero base line for budgeting and not reduce government employees. The United Nations, which produces this statistical nonsense, is totally dependent on member states for contributions.

Ethnic Swedes are projected to be a minority within their own country by 2045.[156] One third of Swedish residents of childbearing years now are foreign born, the vast majority from non-European Islamic cultures with a birthrate 3.5 to 6 times higher. Ethnic Swedes are expected to be replaced as the dominant culture in less than one generation.

When the dominant culture educated under shariah law takes the reigns, Muslims do not pay taxes under the Islamic system (which the Swedish government and the UN neglect to consider in their population theory statistics). This has been a major selling point for Islamic proselytization for fourteen centuries. Traditional, non-Westernized Islam (or Salafism, the dominant strain from the migrants' country of origin)[157] doesn't need tax revenue to support police, prisons and a criminal justice system. Slavery, beheadings and dismemberment administered by criminal law judges, known as imams render justice to the accused under a system of due process fairly quickly. It is not that shoplifters or alcoholics, for example, live in fear of dismemberment; they simply don't exist in Islamic society because they have been dispatched. Similarly, persons with mental and emotional disabilities, the law is applied equally.

Although some non-Muslims are allowed to survive and exist under Koranic law, they are subject to the dhimmi tax. Only non-Muslims pay taxes. It would not be possible for a non-Muslim minority to sustain Sweden's welfare state with universal healthcare coverage for all, the social contract and old age retirement benefits, educational, housing, and a myriad of other government social programs. It is doubtful, assuming shariah law permitted, if the minority population could maintain these programs for themselves, given the rate of the dhimmi tax. Swedish liberals have essentially chosen suicide for Swedish liberalism and Swedish culture as a "rational solution" to Sweden's declining fertility rate and carbon footprint.

After removing border checks in May 2017, the level of asylum seekers entering Sweden rose greatly.[158]

The rape jihad

Prior to 2015, Sweden referred to itself as the world's 'humanitarian superpower'. With the migrant wave public schools have been burnt down by Islamic immigrants.[159] Refugee volunteer workers have been raped and murdered.[160][161] Police have been unable to enter refugee centers to assist children who have been raped by refugees.[162] Five Afghan teenagers were convicted of gang-raping a boy at knife-point but none were deported because the court ruled their homeland is ‘too dangerous’ [163] Citizens have torched refugee centers, angered at the lawlessness of both migrants and the government, and the government's unconcern for the safety of Swedes. Shoppers have been beheaded in broad daylight in mall parking lots as a response by angry Muslim migrants facing deportation. Members of Parliament who cite statistics on the immigrant crime wave have been prosecuted and convicted of hate speech - even when their statistics are strictly factual.[164] In late 2014, the Swedish Parliament passed a law censoring any criticism of the government's immigration policy, including internet speech, or the politicians who voted for it, as hate speech.[165] Under the law, mainstream media cannot cite a description or identity of perpetrators of crime committed by Muslim migrants. The police have refused to write down a description of offenders in police reports. The police have participated in horrendous cover ups. At an 'anti-racist' rock concert, Swedish girls were raped by Muslim migrants in public and the police and media colluded for months to keep the facts from the public.[166] Reporters and cameramen for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's 60 Minutes were beaten up, stoned, and run over (never reported by the American 60 Minutes) while attempting to do a report from a Muslim enclave.[167] Even Pope Francis, who has been very liberal on the subject of Muslim immigration, moderated his stance after visiting a Muslim neighborhood in Malmo.[168] American liberal media outlets have turned a willing blind eye to the disintegration of what was once considered the most generous nation on earth.[169]

Tiny Sweden, roughly smaller in population than North Carolina, has taken on more migrants per capita than any EU member. Swedes today speak of what was once their country as a lesson for the world about unchecked, unregulated immigration,[170] open borders, and political correctness.[171] Rape has skyrocketed 1500%,[172] with 77% of the rapes committed by 2% of its "foreign" minority,[173] a fact which cannot be reported or openly discussed because of hate crime legislation.[174] Nowhere is the dysfunctionalism of the Left more apparent than among so-called Women's Rights groups and activists. Sweden reported 480,000 sex crimes in 2015 (statistically 1 in 4 females of childbearing age are victimized, although crimes against prepubescents and elderly occur, too). Women's Rights activists have been silent on the rape crisis, pretending gay rights and the glass ceiling are still the vital issues of concern to most women and girls, and continue advocating for the importation of more people who want to destroy women's rights. In small villages of 400, where people never locked their doors, the government places another 400 non-European migrants side by side with natives. As in Germany and larger cities elsewhere, women and girls are fearful of going out at night or being unescorted in daylight.

The imported rape culture has permanently transformed Sweden's leftist utopia. Migrants, for the most part, have no interest in integrating into Swedish society. They are there for one reason: to exploit the welfare state benefits now, and replace the aging population, who have an unsustainable birthrate, later. The homogeneous liberal utopia of Sweden is now dead,[175] and population scientists claim the decline of the Swedish population and high birthrates among migrants are irreversible. All these facts are known to Swedes and migrants, of all ages, alike. The government of Sweden has offered returning ISIS fighters housing and driver licenses, Swedish courts have ruled flying the Islamic State flag is legal, and the Caliph has already issued a decree commanding Christians in Sweden to convert to Islam or face beheading.[176] Needless to say, most all of these events and changes went unreported in the United States by the liberal media in the Obama era.

Postal delivery has been suspended in some neighborhoods in Stockholm and neighboring Norway has closed its border with Sweden.

Social Democrats

The Social Democrats head up Sweden's current governing coalition and have shown themselves out of touch with the growing concern over immigration reform, are hostile to basic human rights such as free speech, and intolerant of criticism. Under Social Democratic censorship, the beheadings of a mother and child in an IKEA parking lot by two migrants was reported by police and media as a "stabbing spree." The two killers left an immigration office only moments earlier angry after being informed one would be deported. Swedish citizens were not informed of the facts. The brutal crime was reported by CBS News in America as a "knife attack", with no reference to the perpetrators Islamic allegiance or motivations.[177]

Moderaterna and Christian Democrats

Moderaterna (Moderates) is the center-right party that headed the coalition government along with Christisn Democrats that are blamed by many Swedes for exacerbating Sweden's immigration crisis. Moderaterna was tossed out of the leadership role in the 2014 elections.

Sweden alone among European and Western powers never had a native fascist movement or party. The fear of being labeled "racist" runs very deep among whatever political persuasion one is affiliated with, and because of its neutral stance during World War II, Swedes still feel a collective sense of guilt that they as a nation didn't do enough to oppose Hitler, and have been compensating for it through humanitarianism ever since.

The "mainstream" conservatives in Sweden consist of a business class and evangelical charismatic Christians. These are the two groups which have traditionally been the strongest proponents of open borders, the business class using cheap foreign laborers as union busters, and the Christians as a show of compassion. From 2006 until 2014 the center-right Moderaterna party led a governing coalition with the Christian Democrats which welcomed throngs of migrants. It is the relative conservatives (conservative by leftist European standards) who are blamed for allowing large numbers in.[178]

Sweden Democrats

The Sweden Democrats (SD) are considered a nationalist party founded in 1988. The party has gained populist sentiment in recent years in a country that has traditionally been suspicious of nationalist sentiment. In 2015, the party cut ties with its youth organization, Young Sweden Democrats, who were impatient of the slow pace of reform and for alleged skinhead associations. In March 2017, the SD grew to become the most popular party in Sweden, according to polls.[179]


In 2011 it was reported by police that 100% of all rapes in the capital city of Oslo were committed by non-Western, Muslim males.[180][181][182][183]

Progress Party

Main article: Progress Party (Norway)

The Progess Party was founded in 1973 as conservative and Eurosceptic. The party fundamentally is made up of economic conservatives. By 1997 it was the second largest party in Norway, but other parties refused forming coalition governments with it because of anti-immigration elements. In 2001 the anti-immigration elements were expelled.

In 2013 the Progress party for the first time entered into a governing coalition, now with some anti-immigration elements rebranded as "populist," although its coalition partners, the Prime Minister, academics, and the party itself reject the term. Anti-elitist may be a more fitting description. The party has a long history of opposition to the traditional establishment ruling elites of Norway on the grounds of high taxation.

Immigration Minister Sylvi Listhaug of the Progress Party has been attacked by the liberal media for wearing a small cross on a necklace. Liberals call the Christian cross xenophobic.


32,000 migrants arrived in Finland in 2015, a tenfold increase over 2014. But after a series of rapes—one involving a gang rape by five Islamic Somalis born in Finland whose parents immigrated in the 1990s—Finns demanded action on the immigration issue.

To remain in the country and receive government assistance an immigrant now is required to take classes on Finnish culture and customs which include sections on women's equality and rights. The courses teach for example, a woman's refusal to divert eye contact is neither a show of disrespect nor an invitation to rape.

Centre Party

The Centre party currently heads up Finlands governing coalition along with the Finns Party and the National Coalition Party. All three are considered center-right, with the National Coalition being the most pro-EU.

While the Centre party has taken pains to uphold existing immigration law, it increasingly is feeling pressure to challenge the EU's agreements on refugee allocation.

Finns Party

The Finns Party rose from receiving 4 per cent of the vote in the 2007 parliamentary election to receiving almost 18 per cent in 2015. They currently hold 37 of the 200 parliamentary seats in Finland and have been part of the country’s governing three-party coalition since 2015. It is described as nationalist, populist, and Eurosceptic.

In June 2017, the Finns Party elected Jussi Halla-aho, a strong Eurosceptic and opponent of immigration, as its leader, jeopardizing the governing coalition with the two moderate parties.[184]


The country of Denmark has been of particular interest to Muslims activists since the newspaper Jyllands-Posten published cartoons of Muhammad, founder of Islam, in September 2005. After protests by Muslims in many countries, the paper apologized in January 2006.[185]

Denmark, which processed 7,000 asylum seekers in 2013, 14,000 in 2014, and 21,000 in 2015, has taken steps to dissuade migrants from showing up. Situated between two of the migrants' most popular destinations, Germany and Sweden, Denmark started efforts to stem the flow in 2016. When dozens of migrants began arriving with child-brides as low as 14 years old to enjoy Denmark's social welfare benefits, Danes began saying enough was enough. One man had three wives and 20 children.

The first step to get the message out was seizing any property over $1,400 in value to offset government costs. Then the monthly stipend was cut 45% because of the overwhelming number of people arriving. Citizens who drove migrants across the country between Germany and Sweden were fined. The government took out ads in Arabic language newspapers apprising visitors of the new regulations. Finally, pork became a mainstay on the menu in public schools.

In 2016 it was revealed at least 29 Danish citizens who traveled to Syria to fight for ISIS received $95,000 in government welfare state benefits while doing so. Danish entitlement law made it impossible to cut off the benefits, even when regulations for unemployment benefits, for example, required their presence and availability for work in Denmark necessary to receive benefits.[186]

Slamming the door on migrants seems out of character for a nation noted for empathy toward people unwelcome elsewhere.[187] Danes like the society they've built and inherited, and hard-headed pragmatism causes them to step back from the self-destruction their neighbors are intent on. Denmark may be next to follow Brexit in voting to leave the European Union.

Danish People's Party

The Danish People's Party supports reducing immigration, stopping immigrants from accessing government benefits, and restoring border controls.[188]

In the June 2015 general election, the Danish People's Party received over 21% of the vote to become the second largest party in Denmark—its best result ever.[189][190] Although the Danish People's Party received more votes and seats than the mainstream "conservative" Venstre, the latter formed a minority government without the former as it could not agree with the former's views.[191]


After 1795, Poland ceased to exist as a sovereign nation. It regained independence in 1919 and successfully repulsed an invasion attempt by the communist predecessor states of the Soviet Union between 1919 and 1921. Poland's independence did not last long, however, as Nazi Germany and USSR divided up the country between themselves. Later, Germany took control over the entire nation. After the USSR "liberated" Poland from German control, they turned the nation into a communist puppet state. This lasted until 1989. However, once again Polish independence did not last long, and the nation is in the process of losing its sovereignty to the European Union.

Law and Justice

Main article: Law and Justice

In May 2015 Polish presidential election, conservative, eurosceptic challenger Andrzej Duda of Law and Justice (PiS) won in an upset, defeating the pro-EU incumbent.[192][193] In the October 2015 general election, PiS won in a landslide,[194] becoming the first Polish party to win enough votes to govern the country alone since the fall of communism in 1989.[195] This landslide election frightened Europeanist leaders and politicians.[196]

The PiS went to work immediately after the elections.[197] In March 2017, PiS Prime Minister Beata Szydło stated that "I hear in Europe very often: do not connect the migration policy with terrorism, but it is impossible not to connect them."[198]

Russian Federation

The Jamestown Foundation reports Russia's "demographic collapse" is worse than the Moscow government official statistics are willing to admit. High mortality rates, low fertility rates, emigration of ethnic Russians outside Russia, coupled with vast immigration of Central Asians and South Caucasians with higher fertility rates and improved life expectancy accentuate the decline. Alcoholism among the native Russian population, and a traditional Islamic cultural stigmatization attached to the use of alcohol is also cited as a cause accelerating the statistical decline of ethnic Russians.[199]


Switzerland has one of the largest immigrant populations in Europe. As of about 2014, 27.7% of the Swiss population was born in another country, the second highest in Europe.[200] Additionally, for the year 2012, 1.6% of the Swiss population were foreigners who decided to permanently settle in Switzerland in that year alone, the highest of any European Country.[200] Additionally, in the year 2013, over 35% of adults in Switzerland were either first of second generation immigrants.[201] 2.4 million of the 6.8 million adults in Switzerland were in this group, up from 1.7 million just 10 years prior.[201] Fortunately for non-immigrants, Switzerland has strict citizenship laws, so relatively few immigrants and their distant descendants can become citizens (if they are not related to a non-immigrant, they must prove that they are well-integrated into Swiss society and can only apply after 10 years in the country).[201]

Residents of Switzerland can see the changes due to immigration. Even in rural, conservative areas, it is becoming more and more common to see people who clearly are not Swiss. Actually, one could actually consider Switzerland's reaction to the massive immigration problem to be very mild, as other countries with even less immigration to the country are reacting just as strongly.

Although the Swiss people have supported several referendums restricting immigration standards, the Swiss government watered down the implementation of those referendums to appease the European Union and their own globalist and "humanitarian" interests.[202][203]

In 2016, due to increased illegal immigration from Italy into Switzerland, the Swiss government cracked down on the practice, establishing more stringent controls in Swiss-bound trains and deploying helicopter and drone patrols.[204][205][206] The government rejected calls to build a fence along the border.[207]

Swiss People's Party

Results of the 2015 Swiss federal election in October 2015. Each canton is shaded according to the party that won the most votes for the National Council (lower house). The SVP is shaded in dark green, and it won the largest popular victory for a Swiss political party in at least a century.[208]
Main articles: Swiss People's Party and Christoph Blocher

Unlike most other European right-wing parties, the Swiss People's Party has been well established for decades, and it became the largest party in Switzerland during the 1990s, long before other European countries.

The SVP and its predecessors had "showed remarkable stability" in "electoral support" until the 1990s.[209] However, the SVP grew dramatically in size, becoming the largest party by 1999 with 22.5 percent of the vote.[210] This growth directly coincided with the victory of the conservative, right-wing faction of the party—led by businessman Christoph Blocher—over the moderate establishment faction.[211]

Arguably the most important action of the SVP was its successful opposition of Swiss entry into the European Economic Area (EEA) in 1992. As a strong conservative, Blocher strongly opposed Swiss integration with, and thus a loss of sovereignty to, outside powers, and he was able to convince the national party to adopt his position.[212] The SVP was one of only two major parties to oppose membership, the other being the leftist Greens.[213] The referendum to join the EEA failed, a major success for Blocher and the SVP, and a majority of SVP members voted with Blocher, strengthening his position in the party.[212] The vote has been considered "a turning point" for the SVP and Swiss politics in general.[214] Since then, opposition to European integration and loss of national sovereignty has been "a main issue" for the SVP, and in the coming years it sponsored several other conservative national initiatives, which usually were not successful.[215]

The SVP continued to grow dramatically, and in the 2015 federal election the party received 29.4 percent of the vote and 65 seats in the 200-seat National Council, a record amount for the party.[208] No Swiss political party had exceeded the SVP's share of the vote in at least a century, and no party received more seats in the National Council since 1963, when the number of seats was established at 200.[208] In the same election, leftist parties lost a large number of seats.[208][216] Immigration was a major reason for the party's historic and record-breaking 2015 victory.[216][217]

Successful referendums that the SVP has sponsored include a 2009 initiative to ban the construction of any new minarets,[218] a 2010 initiative to expel foreigners who commit crimes,[219] and a 2014 initiative to limit immigration by instituting quotas on it.[220] The 2010 and 2014 referendums, however, were watered down by the liberal Swiss government.


On September 11, 1683, the two-day Siege of Vienna commenced. The Holy League turned back the Islamic Turks' encroachment on Europe. John Sobieski, King of Poland, who was credited with saving Christendom, said, "We came. We saw. God conquered." 330 years later, Muslims have occupied the city. Muslim students now outnumber Roman Catholic students at middle and secondary schools.[221] Minister for Foreign Affairs and Integration Sebastian Kurz in 2016 called for the immediate closure of many Muslim kindergartens after discovering an isolation of children from the host culture, and teaching of radical Islamist ideology in the schools which receive €30 million ($32 million USD) in state funding annually.[222]

Austria is in the process of introducing new taxpayer-funded textbooks for the teaching of Islam. Previously, the main textbook used in public schools was authored by Yusuf al-Qaradawi entitled, The Lawful and the Prohibited in Islam, translated into German (Erlaubtes und Verbotenes im Islam).[223] Qaradawi claims that killing of apostates (takfiris) is essential for the survival of Islam,[224] shariah law "takes precedence over" civil law, and Islam "will conquer and rule" Europe.[225] Additionally, Qaradawi teaches women have fewer rights than men, praises Hitler and the Holocaust,[226] and has offered Friday prayers for the destruction of America. Although his books have been withdrawn from public schools, the textbooks are still widely available in Vienna.

By March 2017, Austrian government officials wanted to exit the European Union's migrant redistribution program.[227]

In April 2017, the far-left Austrian president Alexander Van der Bellen, the same man whose 2007 election campaign stated that "anyone who loves Austria must be s***,"[228] stated that in order to fight alleged "Islamophobia," all women must wear headscarves.[229]

The Austrian government enacted a face veil ban in May 2017, illegalizing the burqa and the niqab.[230][231]

The Turkish population in Austria grew so large that they formed their own political party in the country: the New Movement for the Future (NBZ).[232]

Freedom Party of Austria

Results of the first round of the 2016 Austrian presidential election, where the FPÖ (blue) received its best election result at the time (although it was surpassed in the two runoff elections).
Main article: Freedom Party of Austria

The FPÖ, founded in 1956, started growing dramatically in the 1990s under the leadership of Jörg Haider, becoming the second largest party in the country by 2000. Despite some setbacks, such as a party split in 2005, the party continued to grow.

In the first round of the 2016 Austrian presidential election, FPÖ candidate Norbert Hofer received 35.1 percent of the vote, which at the time was the party's best result in a national election in history.[233] Although Hofer lost the run-off election by less than one percentage point, Austria’s Constitutional Court ordered a re-run of the election due to irregularities in mail-in ballots.[234] The election was eventually postponed until December 4, 2016.[235][236] Although Hofer lost the election, being defeated by leftist Green Party candidate Alexander Van der Bellen, the party vowed to fight on.[237]


In Serbia, public support for EU membership fell dramatically between 2012 (nearly 70% in support) and 2017 (43% in support).[238]


Recognition of the "national aspirations" of Kosovo by globalists was met with cynicism and cries of hypocrisy, and viewed as a thumb-in-eye by the NATO-EU hegemon by many in Serbia and Russia. To begin with, globalist doctrine deems at its core any form of nationalism as equivalent to fascism and racism, yet elevated a territory once predominantly Christian severed by Muslim migration to a "sovereign independent state."


In Macedonia border patrols hunt migrants at the closed Macedonia-Greece border to prevent illegal migrants (so called refugees) from entering the country and to travel further into Europe, the border is secured with razor wire and at the peak the train station of the town of Gevgelija has been closed so immigrants who where already in the country couldn't travel by train and deport them back to the border.[239]


In Bulgaria civilians hunted down immigrants and hand them over to the police during border patrols along the Bulgaria-Turkey border to prevent illegal migrants (so-called refugees) from entering Europe.[240] For several hours on March 23, 2017, just before the Bulgarian assembly election, Bulgarian nationalists blockaded the border with Turkey.[241][242]

In the November 2016 presidential election, Bulgarians elected a pro-Russian, socialist president, defeating a pro-European candidate — this caused the pro-European prime minister to resign.[243] Although the pro-EU party, GERB, won the early elections in March 2017, it did not receive a majority.[244] According to some sources, it was the nationalists who were the real winners, due to the massive influx of Muslim refugees.[245] The nationalist faction formed a governing alliance with GERB.[246]

Czech Republic

In June 2017, the Czech Republic joined several other EU countries in rejecting EU demands to accept a quota of refugees into the country.[247]


Hungary was overrun in 2015 by refugees passing through the country. In response, conservative Prime Minister Viktor Orbán built a border barrier along the border with Serbia.[248] The fence was so effective that illegal immigration levels dropped to levels seen before the crisis began.[249] In April 2017, the Hungarian government completed construction of a second border fence, one with high-tech features, on the Serbian border.[250] Unlike most other European countries, Hungary's leadership has taken a more conservative right-wing, common sense approach to the immigration crisis.[251] In the meanwhile Orban stated that his country will welcome European refugees fleeing the overrun Western European countries when the migrant crisis really runs out of hands.[252] In March 2017, the Hungarian government refused a Swedish request to let 5,000 asylum seekers into its borders.[253]

As Orbán himself noted, Hungary's policies likely saved all of Europe from an even greater and more catastrophic migrant crisis.[254]


In 2010 Fidesz (Hungarian Civic Alliance), Hungary's largest conservative party and led by Orbán, won a supermajority in the country's parliament and control of all 19 of Hungary's county legislatures. The supermajority was retained in 2014 elections. A supermajority gives the party the power to make changes to Hungary's constitution.

Orbán strongly opposed the ultra-liberal Central European University (founded and funded by George Soros) and on March 29, 2017 announced a new law which could close it.[255] He stated that it was cheating students and breaking rules by awarding both a Hungarian and an American diploma, despite the university having no U.S. presence.[256][257] He also opposed George Soros due to his efforts by supporting the massive immigration from Muslim nations into Europe.[256] On April 10, 2017, Hungary enacted a law tightening its standards for universities and thus threatening CEU's existence.[258][259]


Soros' revenge

Fidesz Party leader, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, has been in a very public dispute with another Hungarian-born son, George Soros, a one percenter who manages money for other one percenters. Soros is a mega-donor to liberal causes and the Democratic party. With the collapse of the communist bloc, Soros has used his vast wealth in the expanded free markets of the world to go on what could only be compared with an ideological crusade or political jihad (barring the religious connotations attached to those words) for his psycho-social view of what the world should be.[260] Soros is an international fugitive wanted on outstanding arrest warrants in several countries for currency manipulation and insurrectionist activities.[261]

George Soros, atheist billionaire who believes there is no judgement for actions in this life.

Soros, a notorious anti-Zionist,[262] survived the holocaust in collaboration with the Nazis.[263] Adolf Eichmann personally ran the extermination program in Budapest. Hungary was a German ally and did not fall under German occupation until very late in the war,[264] hence Jews had not been required to wear the Star of David. Soros worked with Nazi security services who needed to identify Jews for deportation to Auschwitz.[265] Between March and July 1944, at least 3000 Jews daily were loaded on trains to the death camps, where 75 to 90% were murdered upon arrival. By July, more than 430,000 Hungarian Jews had been killed. Soros confesses to looting the Jewish victims' property after they were shipped off to the gas chambers.[266] Deportations were halted in July, but resumed between October and December 1944. Both Budapest and Auschwitz were liberated from German Nazi control in January 1945. From these 'humble origins' Soros parlayed his good fortune in coming decades to become the 19th richest person on the planet. Today he is trying to ease his conscience by taking his vengeance on 'Christian Europe'.[267]

Soros' Open Society Institute has been in the forefront of promoting globalization, multiculturalism, unrestricted illegal immigration,[268] and eliminating national borders. In Soros' dispute with Orbán, Soros has said,

His plan treats the protection of national borders as the objective and the refugees as an obstacle. Our plan treats the protection of refugees as the objective and national borders as the obstacle.

Few human beings have exploited the capitalist system for personal gain as successfully as George Soros while denying the rights of others to amass personal property by the destruction of national borders and governments.[269]

One of the numerous leftist projects that Soros funded was to try to affect the outcome of an April 2016 referendum in the Netherlands over approving an EU association agreement with Ukraine.[270] Dutch voters overwhelmingly rejected the referendum in an anti-EU decision.[131]

Russia took Soros's organizations out of the nation through its crackdown on foreign charities, and other European countries are considering doing likewise.[271]


Skenderovic, Damir (2009). The radical right in Switzerland: continuity and change, 1945-2000. Berghahn Books. ISBN 978-1-84545-580-4. 


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