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A common woman's name. From the Hebrew ''Chavah'', derived from the verb to breathe, or the word life.
In the Bible, '''Eve''' is the name of the first [[woman]]. According to [[Genesis]], [[The Lord]] made her from one of [[Adam]]'s ribs when he was asleep and was then his helpmate and companion. Eve was approached by the serpent ([[satan]]) and gave in to the serpents' temptation to eat the forbidden fruit.  Eve then had Adam do so as well.  Both knew they were breaking God's command.  As punishment for Eve's sin, women were made subject to men and were forced to endure painful childbirth.  Men were also punished.  This is the origin of the concept of [[Original Sin]].
Eve gave birth to many children.  The three mentioned in the Bible are [[Cain]], [[Abel]], and [[Seth]]
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