Evolutionist censorship

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Evolutionist censorship refers to the practice of evolutionists attempting to censor information that might tend to refute their pet theory or that does not conform to their worldview.

Examples include:

  • Academic journals refusing to publish papers from Creation scientists.
  • Refusing to release raw data from publicly funded research.[1]
  • Liberal professors not allowing students to question the integrity of the Theory of Evolution.
  • Attempting to cover-up known fraudulent claims and hoaxes.
  • Abusing the legal system to prevent the side-by-side presentation of competing theories by teachers.[2]

Atheists have also complained about this censorship, claiming that challenging the theory of evolution from a scientific perspective associates a person with the Religious Right, a key target of left-wing professors.[3]

Owing to the liberal nature of the scientific and educational establishments, such censorship is commonplace in public schools and universities. A growing number of creation scientists and conservative educators are fighting this situation, however.


  1. Professor Richard Lenski refused to make his raw data available despite repeated requests from Conservapedia.
  2. See Kitzmiller vs. Dover Area School District
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