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Examples of Bias in Wikipedia: Mathematics and Engineering

This article lists examples of Bias in Wikipedia in the areas of Mathematics and Engineering. Subjects such as Mathematics and Engineering require a precision of thought that is more than the group-think of Wikipedia editors can muster.

  1. The Wikipedia article Elementary proof was proposed for deletion in October 2009 and the debate turned on what Conservapedia had written on the subject. The article was kept and not deleted.[1]
  2. A Wikipedia editor going under the pseudonym Jagged85 made 67,000 edits between 2007 and 2010 until it was demonstrated that he was systematically misrepresenting Islamic science, technology, and philosophy. [1]
  3. Wikipedia has many entries on mathematical concepts, but lacked any entry on the basic concept of an elementary proof until this omission was pointed out here.[2] Elementary proofs require a rigor lacking in many mathematical claims promoted on Wikipedia.
  4. Wikipedia features an entry on "anti-racist mathematics" that "emphasizes the sociocultural context of mathematics education and suggests that the study of mathematics (as it is traditionally known in western societies) does exhibit racial or cultural bias."[3] The article was finally deleted after two long debates.,[4] but its content has been incorporated in a Wikipedia article on "Anti-bias curriculum".