Examples of EU regulations on Britain

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Examples of EU regulations on Britain describes the excessive laws that EU bureaucrats from Brussels force on the citizens of the United Kingdom. Regulations kill jobs, immigration hurts wages and the culture, were just two of the many factors in leaving the EU. Long before the Brexit results were known, EU bureaucrats had been scheming to ban kettles (tea pots), toasters, and hair-dryers.[1] They seek to control every aspect of European existence. Examples listed,[2]

Items Number of Regulations
Pillow cases 5
Pillows 109
Bed sheets 49
Alarm clocks 11
Watches 3
Cell phone 134
Sunglasses 225
Bathrooms 65
Toothbrushes 31
Toothpaste 47
Mirrors 172
Showers 91
Shampoo 118
Towels 454
Towel holders 36
Bread 1246
Toaster 52
Fridges 84
Milk 12653
Bowls 99
Spoons 210
Orange juice 202
Coffee 625
Canines 556
Front door 219
Sidewalks 92
Streets 1467
Cars 1872
Bicycles 404


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