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[[Explorers term list A|A]][[Explorers term list B|B]][[Explorers term list C|C]][[Explorers term list D|D]][[Explorers term list E|E]]<BR><BR>[[Columbus, Christopher]]<BR><BR>[[Cabot, John]]
[[Explorers A|A]]-[[Explorers B|B]]-'''C'''-[[Explorers D|D]]-[[Explorers E|E]]-[[Explorers F|F]]-[[Explorers G|G]]-[[Explorers H|H]]-[[Explorers I|I]]-[[Explorers J|J]]-[[Explorers K|K]]-[[Explorers L|L]]-[[Explorers M|M]]-[[Explorers N|N]]-[[Explorers O|O]]-[[Explorers P|P]]-[[Explorers Q|Q]]-[[Explorers R|R]]-[[Explorers S|S]]-[[Explorers T|T]]-[[Explorers U|U]]-[[Explorers V|V]]-[[Explorers W|W]]-[[Explorers X|X]]-[[Explorers Y|Y]]-[[Explorers Z|Z]]
*[[Christopher Columbus|Columbus, Christopher]]
*[[Cabot, John]]
*[[James Cook|Cook, James]]
{{History Terms}}[[Category:Explorers]]

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