Expository preaching

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Expository preaching is the preaching of the Bible in a book-by-book, verse-by-verse methodology. It is one of two main methods of proclaiming the Bible, the other being topical preaching.

In expository preaching, the preacher will start with the first verse, or group of verses, of the first chapter of a particular book in the Bible. The verse(s) may be covered in one sermon, or multiple sermons. As an example, a sermon series may cover the Gospel of John and start with John 1:1. Once that verse(s) are completed, the preacher goes to the next verse or verses, until the entire book is covered. No specific topic is covered in the series.

A positive of expository preaching is that the entire Bible is preached to a congregation over a period of time (a very long one, but by then it is hoped that the church has new members and the process can start over again). A negative is that the weekly topic will often change from week to week, and thus a particular topic of need or interest may not be covered (in practice, though, a preacher led by the Holy Spirit will interrupt a book series to cover a topic as led).