Eye of the Dolphin

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Eye of the Dolphin is a movie released in 2006 about a 14-year-old girl named Alyssa[1] who goes to live with the scientist father she never knew. In the movie, teenager Alyssa wakes from an aquatic nightmare and tarts herself up for a day at school. She responds to some teasing by her grandmother by twitting her about her dates and handing her a condom. Then, she smokes pot in the bathroom and gets suspended. This is typical of Hollywood Values.

Her grandmother then reveals to Alyssa that her father is not dead - although that is what her mom had led her to believe. He studies dolphin communication in the Bahamas, but his research is in conflict with the local tourism industry. Brought by her grandmother to meet her father in the Bahamas, Alyssa discovers that his research assistant is a "roommate with benefits". She shows Alyssa around town and takes her fishing for conch when Alyssa spies a wild dolphin in an inlet.

The next day, after a quarrel with her father, Alyssa runs away. She goes to the inlet, plays with her dolphin friend, and passes out on the beach after drinking a bottle of booze, a consequence of excessive drinking.

The two main themes of the movie are:

  1. the burgeoning relationship between father and daughter - assisted by the pleasant, simple, bucolic natives
  2. what will happen to the father's dolphin communication research.


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