False Altruism

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False Altruism

False Altruism is something often misinterpretted as true Altruism.

Because of the strong inclination of humans to help each other, there are those who will try to use that as a tool to gain for themselves.

Examples - False Charities where some bulk of the money raised for a good cause is absorbed by the people running the charity. This would be well beyond any reasonable 'overhead' expenses. Often very little of the money raised by a "charity" is ever used for achieving the stated goals.

False Altruists often talk OTHER people into being 'Altruistic', but make sure that they themselves (the False Altruists) profit significantly.

And indirect extension of this is people who think they are 'Altruists', but get to 'feel good' about their Altruism more than they are concerned with the final stated results. Ignorance of the misuse of their donated time or money is often not a significant issue.