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Family values refers to a set of common beliefs held by those who believe the family is the cornerstone of society. It is a phrase most often associated with American conservatives.

Family values often overlap with conservative or small town values and include:

  • Strong emphasis on the sanctity of marriage
  • Opposition to homosexual indoctrination
  • Pro-life beliefs
  • Belief in the importance of religion and prayer in everyday life
  • An emphasis on truth and humility
  • An emphasis on hard-work and strong personal character
  • An emphasis on personal responsibility
  • Belief that parents, and not government, know what is best for their children
  • Emphasis on self reliance, as opposed to government handouts
  • Respect for historical precedence and longstanding values

Those who do not agree with these family values sometimes mock those who hold them, even going so far as to call values-holders racist or rednecks.

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