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Feathered dinosaurs

Feathered dinosaurs are hypothetical assumptions by evolutionists that are the "missing links" between birds and reptiles. Due to the alleged similarities between the two classes, many scientists assume that the two are related and one must have evolved from the other. However, there is one large problem with this assumption. First of all, there is no way for feathers to have evolved from scales. Evolutionary scientists have tried to prove that feathers could evolve from scales, but the experiments have mostly failed and even if they had worked, the method of implanting the information for feathers on reptile scales proves nothing, because the information was placed there by human intelligence, it did not "evolve" by chance. Second, many evolutionary scientists are now disputing whether or not the supposed "feathered dinosaurs" were actually true birds. Since Archaeopteryx was simply discovered to be a bird, it is just as likely that many of these fossils are really just misidentified birds. Third, the archaeoraptor hoax speaks a lot about the possibility of yet more hoaxes. Although the archaeoraptor was discovered by evolutionists to be a hoax within the course of three months, it remains a distinct possibility that there are other, more elaborate hoaxes that manage to escape the eyes of modern methods of discovering a fraud.

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