Feminist style

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A radical feminist typically has one or more of the following characteristics:

  • insistence on censorship of opposing speakers, writers, or presentations, often done on the eve of an event without consideration of the disruption.[Citation Needed]
  • expression of extreme offense at modest expressions of disagreement.[Citation Needed]
  • seething hatred for anti-feminist personalities, such as Ann Coulter.[Citation Needed]
  • contempt for women who serve in traditional family roles, such as housewives.[Citation Needed]
  • lack of recognition of achievements, such as inventions, made possible by traditional family structures.[Citation Needed]
  • belief that single mothers are capable of raising well-adjusted children without the influence of a stable father figure.[Citation Needed]
  • insistence that the lifestyle, attitudes and customs of women should mirror exactly those of men.[Citation Needed]
  • Regarding all men as potential rapists.[1]
  • rarely or never defers to the majority, or concedes defeat.[2]
  • seeks to alter language to reinforce feminist ideology.



  1. http://philosophyliterature.wordpress.com/2008/04/09/all-men-are-rapists/
  2. Over 25 years after the Equal Rights Amendment failed and its deadline passed, feminists are still trying to pass it.