NCAA Division I Men's College Basketball Championship

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The NCAA Division I Men's College Basketball Championship (a.k.a. "March Madness" or "The Final Four") is a single elimination tournament held in the month of March. 65[1] of the best NCAA men's basketball teams compete in a bracket format in order to advance as far as possible in the tournament. The semi-finals, the Final Four, is one the most viewed sporting events in the U.S.A. Leading up to the month of March, numerous sports analysts draw up the brackets and analyze which teams have the best chance of advancing to the finals. This has come to be known colloquially as "Bracketology."

During a 2009 March Madness special, ESPN had U.S. President Barack Obama fill out his own bracket.[2] The special was called "Barack-etology."


  1. There are 65 teams invited to the tournament, not the commonly-thought 64. The two lowest-ranked teams play in what is called the play-in game for the opportunity to play against the top-ranked team.
  2. Video of the President's picks