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A forest fire.

Fire is the result of a chemical process that produces heat, light, and smoke. Fire is dependent on oxygen for combustion and will spread if not controlled.

Physics of heat and fire

The "fire triangle" is a term which refers to the three elements necessary for a fire to burn: oxygen, fuel, and a source of heat. Remove any one of the three and the fire can no longer burn. All firefighting tactics are based on removing one or more of the three elements in the fire triangle.

Types of heat transfer: Radiant, conductive, and convective. Conductive heat is transferred by direct contact with the heat source. Convective heat is transferred by hot gases from the heat source, often to objects above the heat source since heat rises. Radiant heat is transferred through radiation of the heat not involving hot gases. To illustrate, when you hold a metal spoon in a cup of hot coffee and feel the spoon get hot, this is conductive heat. When you stand near a campfire and feel the heat on your face, this is radiant heat. When hot steam is rising from a boiling pot of water, this is convective heat.

Christian symbolism

The symbol of the Holy Ghost is fire. Fire is also used frequently to depict Hell; many Christians disagree on whether Hell contains literal flames or whether the flames are meant as a metaphor.

Fire and the omnipotence paradox

Deceitful librulz have been known to use stories involving fire which they claim proves the non-existence of Jesus.

Could Jesus microwave a burrito so hot that he himself could not eat it?

Homer Simpson, Montgomery 13:16.

In order to promote the Homosexual agenda, librul atheists use this quote to try and deny the existence of Jesus. They claim that if Jesus is all powerful, then to microwave a burrito so hot that he himself attempts to eat it merely resulting in a cascade of vulgar language followed by a week of skin peeling off the top of his mouth, that would show that he is not all-powerful. However, if he is resilient (or high) enough to cram it down, then he must not be all powerful as he had intended the burrito could not be consumable.

The above is one of many true examples of how librulz use even means at their disposal, even fire, to promote their evil agendas.

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