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Outlandish false claims circulated widely on the web in late 2008 regarding America's first black president. For years extreme black separatists have used falsified evidence to claim that five presidents were black. The chief source is a self-published book by a black militant named Leroy Vaughn, Black People And Their Place In World History (2002).[1] Vaughn got his gossip from The Six Black Presidents: Black Blood, White Masks, USA by black militant Auset Bakhufu (1993),[2] who in turn drew on Sex and Race: Negro-Caucasian Mixing in All Ages and All Lands (1940) by Joel Augustus Rogers, a black militant of the 1930s. The goal of the propaganda was not truth but hatred of whites and the American political system. No conservative scholar gives the work credence.

Barack Hussein Obama, who was inaugurated on January 20, 2009, sought to be considered as a fellow black man by African American voters. For example, he awkwardly referred to black teenagers 30 years younger than him as "brothers", declaring that "brothers should pull up their pants."[3]

President-elect Obama is multiracial; his father was part Arab and part black, and his mother was white.[4] Some argue that he will be the first Affirmative Action President.


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