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The Flat Earth idea is a primitive concept of the earth as a plane or a large circle.[1]

The ancient Greeks knew that the Earth was spherical. Aristotle gave some convincing arguments for the spherical Earth, including ships sailing over the horizon. When ships sail away over the horizon the mast disappears after the lower part of the ship has disappeared. Similarly the mast appears before the lower part of the ship when a ship sails towards us over the horizon. This is consistent with the Earth being spherical. During lunar eclipses the Earth's shadow is always round. Eratosthenes used geometry and a hired pace man to estimate its circumference to within a few percent.[2]

Medieval Europeans knew this, and had correctly warned Christopher Columbus that he would never get to India with his limited supplies. Columbus relied on a fallacious argument that the Earth was much smaller than the Greeks estimated.

Some writers have presented the mistaken idea that medieval Europeans used a literal reading of the Bible to conclude that the Earth was flat.[3] They supposedly tried to convince Christopher Columbus that he would fall off the edge of the Earth, the story goes, but Columbus discovered America and Ferdinand Magellan proved that the Earth was round.[4]

Problems with the Model

  • Greatly distorted flight distances and times.[5]
  • The shadow of the Earth on the moon.[6]
  • Things disappearing over the horizon.[6]
  • Parallax problems with the Sun.[6]
  • Time zones.[6]
  • Different stars can only be seen from certain places.[6]
  • The missing South Pole.[6]
  • Circumnavigation of the Globe.[6]
  • Astronauts seeing the Earth from space.[7]

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