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Self-identified gay person and change
"Sex (for males) has met their needs for closeness for so long that the prospect of giving it up is very threatening. There is no-one in the lifestyle who cannot make the change - but many will be too fearful to seek it."
— Frank Worthen[1]

Frank Worthen was an ex-gay and a founder of first ‘ex-gay’ ministry Love in Action in the United States that he started in 1973, the same year “gay” militants pressured the American Psychiatric Association into “normalizing” homosexuality. Worthen’s motto for ministry was simple: “Freedom from homosexuality through Jesus Christ.” He passed away February 11, 2017 at age 87.[1][2]

Entering homosexual lifestyle

Worthen’s father died when he was just 13. He looked for a new father figure and found one in his pastor. Tragically, the churchman turned out to be a predatory homosexual who “groomed” young Frank to be “gay,” telling the innocent child that God made him “special” as a homosexual. Worthen went on to live 25 years as a “very active homosexual” in San Francisco.[2]

Embracing the life-changing gospel

As a highly successful businessman yet unhappy in his “gay” life, Worthen started thinking about suicide. Then in 1973, at 43, he embraced the life-changing gospel of Jesus Christ and soon began reaching out to other same-sex-attracted men similarly dissatisfied with their “gay” life.

Worthen and his friends formed Love in Action, the first Christian ministry devoted to helping people overcome homosexual attractions.[2]

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