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Frankfurt skyline.jpg

Country Germany
State Hesse
Population 717.624
Area (sq mi) 95.87 sq mi
Population density (/sq mi) 7,300/sq mi
Current mayor Peter Feldmann

Frankfurt am Main is a large, liberal city in western Germany, situated in the federal Land (state) of Hesse and located on the banks of the River Main. It has a population of 775,000. Frankfurt is the main financial centre in Germany, headquarters of the European Central Bank, the Bundesbank (the German state bank), the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, and of many other banks and financial institutions. It is also the location of a number of major trade fairs including the annual Frankfurt Book Fair. The financial district has a concentration of some of Europe's tallest buildings, from which the nickname 'Mainhattan' derives. Frankfurt Airport is the largest airport in Germany, and the third largest in Europe.

From 855 until 1792, the German emperors where chosen in Frankfurt by the Prince electors.

Frankfurt am Main is often confused with Frankfurt an der Oder, another German town in the federal state of Brandenburg.

Frankfurt was the home of the Frankfurt School.