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Freedom Force International

Freedom Force International is an individualist organization, founded by G. Edward Griffin on December 12, 2002, in response to rising statism.[1] Griffin found that collectivists (like communists, leftists, and fascists) were always better organized than those who value liberty. Griffin also saw that whenever he warned people of the statist threat, the response was usually apathy, due to a lack of ability to counter any such threat. Griffin realized that Impotentes defendere libertatem non possunt - "Those without power cannot defend freedom". This later became the organization's motto. Freedom Force has its own Congress, various meetings, a school, and many famous members.[2]


Knowing that a hierarchal structure could be disastrous for this type of organization, Griffin decided to give Freedom Force in a "starfish" or "hologram" structure. In such a structure, in the event of an infiltration, parts of the group could split off without major consequence. Rather than levels on a pyramid, Freedom Force is built with rings within a circle.

  • The outside circle is the ring of Members.
  • The next ring going inwards is the circle of Guardians. Guardians are leaders and watch-dogs, and must be graduates of the Freedom Academy.
  • The inner core is composed of six groups:
  • The Leadership Council is the board of directors, who lead not by command, but by example.
  • Congress is made up of elected delegates, and is responsible for electing the Leadership Council and being the mediator between the Council and the Members.
  • Chapter Presidents are leaders of local teams and branches.
  • Standing Committees.
  • Judicial Committees, which are only brought in to take action against "leadership rot", if necessary.
  • Officers and Staff

Freedom Force is a network rather than a hierarchy, and is composed of various "nexus", that is, smaller networks. These nexus have five levels:

  1. International Nexus (governed by International Council and Chairman).
  2. National Nexus (governed by National Chairmen and support committees).
  3. Regional Nexus (one in each state or province, governed by Regional Chairmen).
  4. Community Nexus (for counties or small provinces)
  5. Personal Nexus (sometimes called circles, these consist of three to six people).[3]

Leadership Council

As of early 2017, the Leadership Council consists of Gary Arnold, John Hewlett, Russell Gray, Alan Myers, Edward Goodliffe (Speaker of Congress), John Sneisen, G. Edward Griffin, Annaliza Spiga, Phyllis Hall, Jason Stinchfield, Dan Happel, and Lane Vance.[4]

Freedom Academy

Freedom Force operates a liberty training program called Freedom Academy. All Guardians must have graduated from Freedom Academy. The topics covered are ideology, economics, money, and strategy.[5]


Freedom Force is against compulsory vaccination, wishes to abolish the Federal Reserve, believes that global warming alarmism is a hoax, is for gun rights, is against income tax, is against interventionism, and is against Obamacare and the Patriot Act.[6]

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