Göring's syndrome

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Göring's syndrome occurs when a person believes, purely based on personal interests or preferences, to have the rights and usurps them to decide whether a certain criterion is met without any attempt for objective evaluation and/or in spite of contrary evidence.

Historical background

The definition of Göring's syndrome is based on claim attributed to Luftwaffe chief Hermann Göring who, being criticized for shielding a Jew, quoted Karl Lueger, the anti-Semitic mayor of Vienna at the turn of the 19th century[1]: “I decide who is a Jew and who is not” (In German: "Wer Jude ist, bestimme ich"). Although some sources regard this story for anecdotal, author and journalist F. Sanello maintains that this took place after the Gestapo looked into allegations that father of Göring's friend and protégé Erhard Milch, Luftwaffe Field Marshal, was Jewish.[2] Göring suppressed the investigation and forged a document attesting Milch’s Aryan purity.[3]

Göring's syndrome Today

Nowadays adherents of LGBT ideology often declare when facing cases of individuals abandoning the homosexual lifestyle that these individuals were not 'true' homosexuals but rather bisexuals or mistaken heterosexuals. This approach of subjective selection and categorization who is a homosexual and who is not suiting one's agenda testifies how shallow, unobjective and flexible the criterion for classifying a person into alleged heterosexual, bisexual, homosexual or possibly "paedophile sexual orientation" is. Intriguingly, the very same adherents of LGBT ideology tend to assert that homosexuals and pedophiles "do not change their sexual orientation"[4] while at the same time try to establish the very existence of homosexuality as biologically determined phenomenon by declaring that non-homosexuals would have hard time even just to imagine the sexual relation with the person of the same sex.

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