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Gabriel is one of two angels in the Bible mentioned by name, the other being Michael. The name Gabriel means "God is my hero" or "mighty man of God." Gabriel is depicted as "one who is like a man," but also flies.

Gabriel appears twice to Daniel in the Old Testament both times giving him meaning and understanding of his visions.[1]

Gabriel also appears to Zechariah in the New Testament[2] letting him know that his prayer has been heard and his wife will bear a son who is to be called John (John the Baptist) and many would rejoice because of his birth. The angel also struck Zechariah dumb until the time of the birth when he was not readily believed.

Finally Gabriel comes to Mary to tell her that she will be with child through the Holy Spirit and her child was to be named Jesus[3] and He would be called "The Son of the Most High"[4]

The angel Gabriel and the Virgin Mary

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