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The Gay Bomb, Love bomb or aphrodisiac bomb was a proposed ordinance originally looked in to by the United States Air Force. The bomb would have rendered enemy combatants unable to participate in combat, due to a sexual attraction to each other.

The plan was proposed in 1994 by the Wright Laboratory in Ohio as part of a 3-page paper on non-lethal bombs that could be used on enemy combatants, and included a "body odor" bomb, a "halitosis" bomb, and a bomb that would spray combatants with bee pheromones, then release live bees into the bunkers; there is also mention of a flatulence bomb and a "heavy sweating" bomb. It was released to the public with a freedom of information request by the Sunshine Project.[1]

The gay bomb itself was envisaged as an aphrodisiac chemical that would provoke widespread homosexual behavior among militants, causing what the strategists called a "distasteful but completely non-lethal" blow to morale.

The discovery of the "gay bomb" proposal came from a Freedom of Information Act request made by Edward Hammond of Berkeley's Sunshine Project, a watchdog group that tracks military spending.[2]


The "gay bomb", as proposed, would have utilized a strong aphrodisiac, preferably one that would cause homosexual, not heterosexual behavior. As no such chemical exist, the "Discoveries Needed" section was substantial. It is possible via electrostimulation, to trigger the sexual areas of the brain, and with training, could hypothetically create a false homosexual lust in enemy combatants. Also included in the documents were proposals to release a chemical to cause halitosis (bad breath); coat enemies in honey, and drop beehives in the area.

Popular Culture

Notably, the Love Bomb and the Pink Platoon, by Ryan Gielen, was about the Gay bomb.. In it, a washed-up General is put in charge of a small platoon of misfits, and all are sent to a testing facility in the woods. The military experiment they volunteered for then goes wrong and turns the entire platoon gay. The platoon is held for testing and eventually sent on a suicide mission in a foreign war zone, and must use their newfound "gayness" to survive. The book is a satirical farce in the vein of Dr. Strangelove, 1984, or The Magic Christian.


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