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Gender police

The gender police is not a legitimate enforcement agency, but is a pejorative term for people who attempt to enforce their unisex, gender-blind vision for society on others, by:

  • objecting to a general use of the pronoun "he" to include males and females
  • criticizing any activity or job that has greater male than female participation
  • insisting on an equal allocation of work despite greater skills by one gender relative to the other
  • censoring any gender stereotype
  • forbidding anything that entails criticism of only one gender
  • criticizing women who wear clothing traditionally associated with them (e.g. dresses, high-heeled shoes etc.)

The gender police are often adherents to modern feminism.

In some Islamic countries, such as Saudi Arabia, there is an actual police force called the Muttawa that enforces moral code including proper gender roles and clothing.[1] The Muttawa are more accurately called a moral police.